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Issue 13: 27 April 2012

APT Prep in Cairns

APNIC staff attended the 3rd APT Prep meeting for WCIT in March and provided live video feed, enabling APT members to participate remotely for the first time.

APNIC Chief Scientist Geoff Huston emphasized that Internet number addressing issues should remain separate from international telephony regulation.

Read Geoff's article

China IPv6 Summit

APNIC Director General Paul Wilson attended the Global IPv6 & Next Generation Internet Summit 2012 in Beijing.

Paul presented the current status and outlook for IPv6 deployment in China and the Asia Pacific.

During the event, Chinese government representatives discussed the current five-year plan and 'NGI policy' for China.

Watch Paul Wilson's presentation

ISOC Hall of Fame

APNIC Chief Scientist Geoff Huston has been inducted into the ISOC Hall of Fame for his contribution to the global Internet.

Geoff played a critical role in the development of the Internet in Australia, beginning with a national academic and research network.

That project quickly grew to support the entire national Internet sector.

Asia Pacific Telecommunity

APNIC IPv6 Program  

Global Policy Update

The "Global Policy for Post Exhaustion IPv4 Allocation Mechanisms by the IANA" has been approved by all five RIR communities.

The policy has been sent to the ICANN Board for ratification.

APEC TEL45, Da Nang

APNIC participated as an official guest, presenting on the status of IPv6 deployment.

Recent APNIC Labs measurements indicate low IPv6 reachability in the Asia Pacific.

Read Miwa Fujii's speech and presentation.

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