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Issue 2: 17 February 2011

IN-ADDR.ARPA Zone Transfer Complete!

From 17 February 2011, APNIC, along with the other RIRs, are working with ICANN on the transition of the technical management function for the IN-ADDR.ARPA zone from each RIR to ICANN.


Delegation Procedures Change

We are currently in Stage 2 of APNIC IPv4 exhaustion. There have been some changes to delegation practice, which might affect your organization's requests to APNIC.

Please refer to Exhaustion for Network Operators for more information.

Stage 2 Delegations FAQ

IP Addressing 101

Non-technical members of the community
may be interested in our simplified guide to IP addressing and the benefits of IPv6.

Share this information with your colleagues who want to learn more about Internet number resources.

IANA IPv4: 0%

On 3 February 2011, the final five /8 blocks of IPv4 address space in the IANA global free pool were shared equally among the five RIRs. This was a truly historic day in the development of the Internet. Watch the Miami press conference

APNIC Press Resources

APNIC 31: Participate!

Even if you are unable to attend APNIC 31 in Hong Kong, you can join many sessions remotely. Remote Participation@ APNIC 31

Social Events@ APNIC 31

Don't miss out!
Happy Valley Jockey Club
APNIC Informal Dinner

APNIC 31 Policy SIG

There are a record 16 policy proposals currently up for discussion. Topics include:

  • IPv6 allocations (2 proposals)
  • Final /8 (7 proposals)
  • IANA redistribution (2 proposals)
  • IPv4 transfers (2 proposals)

Read the proposal documents and mailing list discussions

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Community News


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