Wipro to aid setting up of call center in West Bengal

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    • Wipro to aid setting up of call center in West Bengal
      by Krittivas Mukherjee, India Abroad News Service
      Calcutta, Dec 3 - Indian information technology (IT) giant Wipro will
      provide technical expertise to set up a state-of-the-art call center in
      The software giant has agreed to help BNKe.Solutions set up their Rs. 125
      million call center, the first in eastern India, at Salt Lake on the
      outskirts of Calcutta. The center will be operational by January 2001. 
      "An understanding with Wipro has been reached and it would be engaged as a
      technical partner for advising, solution providing, systematic integration
      and facility management," BNKe.Solutions promoter Ajit Khandelwal told IANS.
      Wipro's role in the project is identification and proper selection of
      equipment and integration of the entire system in the first phase,
      Khandelwal said.
      In the second phase, Wipro will provide facility management of critical
      stage and other technological assistance. Khandelwal said Wipro chief Azim
      Premji had promised, during his visit to Calcutta in September, to provide
      all help in setting up the center. 
      "Commitment to this project is from the level of Premji and he will ensure
      that it becomes a center of excellence," Khandelwal said. "Once operational,
      the call center would employ at least 350 people to work 24 hours a day, 7
      days a week through 365 days of the year," he added. 
      Khandelwal suggested a bright future for call centers, saying IT-enabled
      services are the next major step for the fast shrinking world. Already more
      than 80 per cent of the world's top companies rely on communications-based
      services and consider call centers to be an integral part of their
      communication and customer service efforts, he said.
      The BNKe.Solutions call center will have a capacity for 100 agents servicing
      inbound and outbound calls in a client server computer telephony integrated
      environment. Since no MNC would initially be willing to appoint a new call
      center without testing credibility, BNKe.Solutions will enter into operating
      memorandums of understanding (MoUs) with companies in Telecom and Banking.
      "We have also entered into strategic alliances with existing Call Centers in
      Australia and the USA to pass on some off their additional businesses,"
      Khandelwal said.
      BNKe.Solutions Pvt. Ltd. also plans to try and attract companies in Europe.
      "India is at such critical time zone that call centers like this could be of
      help to companies not only in the U.S. and Australia, but Europe as well,"
      he added.
      --India Abroad News Service