NEWS-INDIA: This time, Calcutta police slaps swift cyber crime charges

  • Subject: NEWS-INDIA: This time, Calcutta police slaps swift cyber crime charges
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      This time, Calcutta police slaps swift cyber crime charges
      By Krittivas Mukherjee, India Abroad News Service
      Calcutta, Dec 3 - Thanks to new the Information Technology (IT) Act, police
      here could move swiftly in booking two people for alleged cyber crimes,
      unlike last year when they were caught in bind because of the absence of a
      suitable law.
      Cases have been lodged against two software engineers -- Indranil
      Chatterjee, 25, and Sanjoy Ghosh, 25 -- for allegedly stealing data and
      destroying the software of a medical transcription company. 
      Deputy Commissioner of Police (detective department) Banibrata Basu told
      IANS that the framing of the new IT act had made it possible to pin down the
      two software professionals by fixing precise charges under it. Both were
      arrested and then granted bail.
      Calcutta was in the news last year over a cyber crime involving a hate site
      against Bengalis. With little legal armory at their disposal, the
      authorities had been at a loss to deal with the situation then, because of
      lack of suitable laws. 
      But this time, the police had no problems fixing charges against the
      software professionals under the new IT law for illegal accessing, tampering
      with documents and stealing and damaging data.  They were charged under
      Sections 65, 66, 43 of the IT Act. If convicted, the duo can be sentenced to
      three years' imprisonment and fined up to Rs. 10 million. 
      According to Basu, the two used to be employed with a medical transcription
      company and were arrested following a complaint lodged by the managing
      director of that firm.
      The complaint said the two arrested had resigned from their jobs to start
      their own venture with data stolen from the medical transcription company
      they originally worked for. They have also been charged with damaging other
      data in the company's computers. 
      Basu told reporters that police then sought the help of computer experts and
      raided the office of the two software engineers. Stolen software and data
      were found from the duo's office computers. A few computers, some CD-ROMs
      and floppy disks were seized.
      -India Abroad News Service