NEWS-INDIA: Cricket site brings kudos, money to kid brothers

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    • Cricket site brings kudos, money to kid brothers
      by P. Jayaram, India Abroad News Service
      New Delhi, Dec 4 - When cricket-crazy Karan Mahajan, then 13, and his
      younger brother Shiv, 11, launched their own Web site back in 1997, they
      never imagined there could be money in it.
      That was till January. Life changed for the two when Britain-based, a major sports network, took note of their "Indian Cricket
      Fever" site.
      "We received a surprise offer in our mailbox. wanted us to become
      their official Indian cricket providers. A few weeks later, we had a 20-page
      contract stuffed in our postal mailbox. The really exciting part of the
      offer was its monetary implications -- we would get paid 200 pounds a month
      plus 50 percent of ad revenue earned from the site, not to mention a stock
      option in and a free dotcom address," said Karan.
      Ironically, the "fever" caught on when the two brothers, students of Delhi's
      Modern School, were getting weary of their pet project. "We had only earned
      $25 till then from the site, which required us to update the site almost
      every single day to keep pace with the Indian cricket team's exploits, on
      and off the field," Karan said.
      The brothers were chosen by Rivals from over 100 Indian cricket sites for
      their "singular passion, dedication and Web-designing skills". Since then,
      the two have developed a new Web site and Indian cricket fever moved into
      its new address: to
      Long before zoomed in on the two, their site had been noticed by
      others. In 1998, when the site was about eight months old, the Webmaster of had said in an award citation: "I never thought I'd be
      awarding a sport-related page, but this site is exceptional! Authored by a
      team of 12 and 14-year-old brothers, it provides the user with content
      galore in anything related to the game (sport) of cricket. Also included is
      Indian Cricket News, stats on cricket teams, pictures and everything is easy
      to find, keeping you on the site from start to finish!... I'm sure these
      kids could give some of the adult Webmasters a few good lessons!"
      Karan says he and Shiv learned Web-designing on their own after a friend
      signed them up for a free account.
      Computer magazine DQWeek had also published a huge half-page feature on the
      site. "We were a bit surprised by our own success. The site was growing fast
      as we approached the 50,000 hits (mark). We were not earning much from the
      site -- we didn't even have a dotcom address, but the praise from our
      visitors from over 90 different countries served as a constant source of
      The association with Rivals may put an end to the kids' worry about earning.
      They may well have to start thinking about spending now.
      --India Abroad News Service