Satyam in e-learning partnership with Canadian firm

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    • Satyam in e-learning partnership with Canadian firm
      by Ajit Jain, India Abroad News Service
      Toronto, Dec 6 - ISOPIA Inc., an e-learning infrastructure software provider
      here, and Satyam Infoway, a premier Indian information technology (IT)
      company, have announced a partnership to launch an online learning site in
      Under the agreement, ISOPIA will provide its Integrated Learning Management
      System (ILMS) to Satyam Infoway, a pioneer in business-to-consumer (B2C)
      Internet and e-commerce solutions, said Rima Banerji, ISOPIA's media
      relations manager.
      The partnership was announced by Aditya Jha, vice-president of sales and
      marketing of ISOPIA, during a keynote address to the IT group of Indo-Canada
      Chamber of Commerce (ICCC).
      Through its newly formed subsidiary, Satyam Education Services Limited
      (SESL), Satyam Infoway will promote online learning courseware and offer
      India's burgeoning web population the opportunity to expand its education to
      meet growing skills requirements.
      "The potential for e-learning in India is huge," said R. Ramraj, CEO and
      managing director of Satyam Infoway.
      ILMS is an end-to-end management tool of all modes of training delivery,
      including online self-serve and live courses, classroom courses, offline
      training material such as textbooks and CD-ROMs, and access to all student
      and administrator functions available through a simple Web interface, an
      ISOPIA spokesman said.
      Using ILMS, SESL will offer Indian companies end-to-end learning solutions,
      from consulting and Web-enabling content to managed implementation. "SESL's
      learning center will offer a wide range of courseware from IT and soft
      skills training to e-MBAs," said K. Thiagarajan, president of SESL. "We will
      offer high quality courseware content and manage the learning resources
      using ILMS."
      "SESL requires exceptional flexibility and scalability to meet the growing
      demands of mass users across multiple platforms," Jha said. "With a scalable
      capacity to support three million users, ISOPIA's learning management
      software fits this requirement perfectly."
      In his address to the ICCC during the Entrepreneurship Development Seminar
      Series at the suburban Mississauga Convention Center, west of Toronto, Jha
      said ISOPIA was established in 1988 and launched ILMS, its Web-based
      learning management system (LMS), in 1999.
      Built on an Enterprise Java beans architecture, ILMS is a flexible, open
      system that can adapt to changing learning needs and rapidly growing user
      communities without service corruption, said ISOPIA's marketing
      communication director Gloria Pakravan.
      In less than a year, ISOPIA has secured global clients like Marsh & McLennan
      and BCE Nexxia and training companies, including Element K and CDI Education
      Services, who are implementing its applications to deliver training programs
      to employees, partners and customers around the world, Banerji told IANS.
      She said the company raised U.S.$10 million in the first round financing
      from Element K, and has established partnerships with Sun Microsystems,
      Exodus, and Centra Software.