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      Dear Members of GKD,
      I would like to update you about Greenstar's work in India. In October,
      Greenstar India announced that we will build 50 solar-powered community
      and e-commerce centres in remote villages throughout India over the next
      three years. As part of the celebration of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi,
      the first site was dedicated on 2 October in Parvatapur village, about
      150 km from the Andhra Pradesh capital of Hyderabad in southern India.
      This community has a deep tradition of music and art, and has been
      pioneering natural agricultural practices.
      Mr. Chandrababu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, connected
      through the Internet with the dedication events in Paravatapur, where
      the first Indian "digital culture" products will be produced, and
      offered to the world. The Chief Minister placed an order for the music
      and art created by villagers hosting the inaugural ceremony; he visited
      a Greenstar website at
      Charles Gay of Greenstar sent an email by solar-powered satellite from
      Paravatapur. He said:
      "At 10:02 a.m. today in Parvatapur, Greenstar went live on the internet,
      and simultaneously began recording music for a digital culture program.
      We used a high-speed portable satellite terminal from Inmarsat, to
      connect to the Internet through space, powered solely by a portable
      solar power panel.
      "Dedicating the village on Gandhi's birthday was just the right touch.
      "A large solar power array was used to power the computers and recording
      equipment, and also ran the public address system for the launch
      ceremonies. All green electrons powered the village today.
      "Simultaneously, at a press conference in Hyderabad, Chief Minister
      Chandrababu Naidu, one of India's leading lights in the technology
      field, delivered a powerful speech about Greenstar. He was joined by
      K.L.Chugh, a highly- respected businessman, and Ms. Rajeswari of
      Greenstar India.
      "Mr. Naidu actually ordered his own Greenstar India CD from the
      Greenstar website - projected onto a large screen in front of 200
      observers and media.  In addition, the CM committed to providing
      whatever government resources are necessary to implement 50 Greenstar
      villages in Andhra Pradesh.
      "The scene in the small, isolated village of Parvatapur, 120 miles away,
      was incredible. About 300 people attended four hours of speeches, in
      which the Greenstar vision was compared to Gandhi's vision. The talks
      were interspersed with music, dance and poetry -- all of which were part
      of the solar-powered recording sessions, conducted by local student
      To generate income through e-commerce, Greenstar villages focus on
      India's vivid traditional culture -- authentic art, music, legends,
      literature, history and sacred way of life, long a source of fascination
      by people everywhere in the world. Greenstar is employing a team of
      artists and teachers to record elements of rural Indian culture, working
      closely with the people of each village. This original concept is
      already working in the Palestinian Authority and Jamaica. The result
      will be a powerful, unique collection of "digital culture" -- a gallery
      of music, artwork, photographs, video, poetry and other arts, which can
      be distributed in high-resolution digital form throughout the world,
      instantly and efficiently.
      The revenues from digital culture will be used to fund basic needs of
      each village for its future, as decided by the people themselves --
      deploying tools that include clean solar power, telemedicine and
      vaccination resources, basic education, micro-credit, community
      organizing, and a high-speed, two-way connection to the world through
      the Internet.
      Greenstar India is a new consortium of companies from India and the
      United States. Stakeholders include Capital Fortunes, a Hyderabad-based
      financial and business advisory consultancy, the Jindal Organization
      based in Delhi with operations throughout India and America, and
      Greenstar USA, which has pioneered the solar-powered ecommerce and
      digital culture concept. The participating companies are providing
      capital, technology and resources. Other key players are Indian
      government agencies and private participants including the Ekalavya
      Vidayalya Foundation, Ikisan, Kinera Object Connect, and the Renewable
      Energy Office at the Centre for Scientific Research of Auroville.
      Major support for Greenstar India comes from The Sterling Group, a
      company that has led the way in providing high- speed Internet access in
      India. Through its subsidiary, Dishnet/DSL (,
      Sterling will provide all the internet connections for Greenstar
      villages, including free Web hosting, and will sponsor a village
      demonstration in the Chennai region in the near future. Digital culture
      techniques will provide the only feasible means for preserving the
      intricate colored chalk art practiced in Paravatapur, and the
      spontaneous drumming and storytelling of the Telugu people.
      For further information, contact:
      Dr. Charles F. Gay of Greenstar
      in the United States at:
      1-323-936-9602, toll-free in the US: 1-877-282-9900
      by email: cgay at e-greenstar dot com
      Also see the Greenstar websites at
      Ms. Pingali Rao Rajeswari
      Director - Greenstar India
      in India at:
      91-40-3310560; 3316083; 3397279
      by email: rajeswari at e-greenstar dot com
      To order a copy of "The Sacred Voice of India",
      the multimedia and audio CD produced in Parvatapur,
      go to:
      For a detailed background on this project, see
      Your comments and ideas are always welcome, addressed
      to editor at greenstar dot org.
      An archive of all Greenstar newsletters to date may be
      seen at:
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