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      The CSI (Computer Society of India) Western region is in the process of
      finalising the WRC (Western Regional Conference) to be held in Goa in
      February 2001.
      Dates will be Feb 21-22-23, 2001.
      We're sending this "Call for papers" info email, and would be obliged if
      anyone interested in presenting papers (at the WRC 2001) could get in touch
      with us. We'd welcome paper presentations from any interested persons (you
      needn't be CSI Members)...
      We're also looking for Industry Sponsors, Manufacturers that'd be
      interested in putting-up presentations on Software and Solutions of
      interest to the Tourism and Hotel Industry and the like.
      WRC 2001 - SCHEDULE
      - Wednesday 21 February 2001 - Full day - Technical Sessions.
      - Thursday  22 February 2001 - Full day - WRC and Presentations.
      - Friday    23 February 2001 - Full day - WRC and Presentations.
      WRC 2001 - CALL FOR PAPERS 
      Theme : "IT in Tourism"
      The WRC 2001 is scheduled to be held at Goa, on the 22nd and 23rd of
      February 2001. Goa with it's beautiful beaches, special ambience and unique
      blend of western and eastern cultures is known the world-over as a tourist
      Tourism has Industry status in Goa and is one of the state's main revenue
      earners. Today, in addition to the Tourism Industry, the government of Goa
      is actively pushing for the set-up of other clean and environment friendly
      industries, with the main area of focus being IT and IT services.
      The link-up of these two types of industries, Tourism and Information
      Technology, is not just important for a place as Goa, but for the entire
      globe. Both IT and Tourism are industries which are growing at a phenomenal
      rate. The WRC 2001, intends to take a look at the future for both these
      The WRC, in addition to the usual activities, will include technical
      sessions in which contributory papers will be presented. Papers of original
      contributions are invited from researchers, students and professionals.
      Technical papers on the following topics are invited:
      1. Information Technology in Tourism
      2. E-Commerce and it's application to tourism 
      3. Enabling Systems for the Tourism Industry 
      4. Open-Source Software and Systems for the Tourism Industry
      Paper Submission:
      * 800 word synopsis (text-only) on the paper intended to be presented to be
      sent (by email) to wrc-2001 at csi-goa dot org on/before 31st December 2000.
      * Papers selected for presentation will need to be submitted by 15th
      January 2001.
      * We welcome Student papers, and will be reserving a special session for
      student presentations.
      Manufacturer's Presentations:
      A limited number of Presentation slots are scheduled to fit-in with the
      conference. Manufacturers (IT Companies) interested in making presentations
      on the products and/or services should email wrc-2001 at csi-goa dot org on/before
      31st December 2000.
      Tutorials and Technical Sessions:
      Are also planned on topics of interest. 
      Check for details in the next issue of CSI Communications.
      For any Further Information:
      Email: wrc-2001 at csi-goa dot org or wrc-2001 at opspl dot com