Number of PCs sold in India soaring

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    • 15 December 2000 
      Number of PCs sold in India soaring 
      NEW DELHI: Increasingly net-savvy consumers and rapidly falling 
      prices mean the number of personal computers (PCs) that have been 
      sold in India will hit the five-million-mark this month, infotech 
      magazine Dataquest said on Thursday. 
      And that figure is expected to double to 10 million by January 2003, 
      the magazine said. 
      The first desktop was launched in India in 1984, when just 1,200 PC 
      units were sold, the magazine said. The country crossed the annual 
      one million PC sales threshold in 1999. 
      The Indian PC industry is forecast to ship 1.7 million units this 
      year. By 2004, some five million units are expected to be sold 
      annually, the magazine said. 
      The magazine said the Internet and falling prices have "fuelled a 
      mushrooming home and small office market for the PCs." 
      During the early 1980s, computers were being sold at Rs 200,000 each. 
      Now a multinational branded multimedia PC is available for less than 
      Rs 35,000. 
      A survey by International Data Corp in July listed India as the 
      fastest growing PC market in the Asia-Pacific region, excluding 
      The Indian market has seen local assemblers stealing a march over 
      their domestic and multinational computer hardware rivals, Dataquest 
      Over 50 per cent of total PC shipments were now from unbranded 
      manufacturers, the magazine said. Four years ago, they accounted for 
      less than 40 per cent of the market, it said.(Reuters)