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      The Asian Studies WWW Monitor: mid Dec 2000, Vol. 7, No. 131
      11 Dec 2000 
      Internet Research Methods in Asia, Sep 2001
      The National University of Singapore, Singapore 
      Supplied note: "Call for Papers: 'Internet Research: Methodological
      Considerations in Assessing the Impact of The Internet in Asia' A
      workshop to be held in conjunction with the 'Internet Political
      Economy Forum 2001: Internet and Development in Asia' Sep 14-15, 2001
      - Singapore. [...] We are especially interested in papers that outline
      new and innovative methods for studying the Internet or the adaptation
      of traditional social science methods [...]. Papers should focus on
      the practical, hands-on aspects of methodology, rather than
      theoretical issues. [...] Send an abstract and curriculum vitae by Feb
      1, 2001 to: Dr. Eric C. Thompson, Research Fellow, UCLA CSEAS,
      ecthomp at isop dot ucla dot edu." 
      URL http://www.fas.nus.edu.sg/icm/ipef/index.htm 
      Link suggested by: Eric Thompson (ecthomp at isop dot ucla dot edu) 
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