World Computer Exchange Update

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  • Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 22:58:28 +0500
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    • [mentions activities in india and pakistan; with thanks to KABISSA-
      FAHAMU NEWSLETTER - 15 December 2000]  
      ... World Computer Exchange Update
      I'd like to update you about the Computer Exchange work. We've added 
      another country to the program (making 34) and another 38 schools 
      (making 458). As you may recall, each school agrees to connect its 
      students with students in US schools and help its students develop 
      websites to share their rich history & culture.  This month, we 
      learned that SDNP India (within the Ministry of Environment and 
      Forests of the Government of India) decided not to fund the 
      Exchange's shipment to SEWA planned for the middle of December.  We 
      are now working to secure alternative funding and encouraging the 
      Exchange's NGO Partners and Allied Organisations in India to seek to 
      involve SDNP in all of their ICT planning.  It looks like this may 
      delay this first shipment into January. Any advice would be most 
      We would like to extend special thanks to those organizations that 
      have made commitments of computers and monitors during November, 
      including Ford Motor Company, Fidelity Investments, Think Detroit, 
      and the Riecken Foundation. Alex Mbianda, our Programme Officer for 
      Cameroon, has secured computers, monitors, and printers from Keyspan 
      Energy Delivery. Thanks for help in recruiting computers to two of 
      our Allied Organisations: Asha for Education and Kabissa-A Space for 
      Africa on the Internet.  
      This month, the Exchange will enter into a standard agreement with 
      the Ministry of Technology of the Government of Pakistan to provide 
      computers for Internet access for schools in Pakistan.  This 
      agreement is contingent on their providing $15,000 to cover the 
      Exchange's costs for this shipment and $5,000 for the shipping costs. 
       The Exchange has now approved fifteen partner agreements.  
      A completed Plan of Implementation and draft list of schools has been 
      received from the Agency for Sustainable Development Initiatives in 
      Uganda. It reflects their work in cooperation with several other NGOs 
      to recruit schools and funding to cover the Exchange's shipping 
      costs. We are also expecting a cooperative Plan of Implementation and 
      draft list of schools jointly from the Foundation for Economic 
      Development and SDNP in Bangladesh working with several other NGOs.  
      It is wonderful that these two efforts are fully cooperating!  This 
      shipment is contingent upon the SDNP/UNDP directly paying the 
      shipping costs.  
      We would greatly appreciate any and all help in building a flow of 
      donated computers for our NGO Partners and the schools that they have 
      recruited! Your suggestions and comments welcome.  
      Timothy Anderson
      World Computer Exchange, Inc.
      936 Nantasket Avenue
      Hull, Massachusetts 02045 USA
      781.925.3078    FAX: 509.752.9186