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    • Tried hiring an engineer lately who can do hardware design? That breed has 
      almost vanished, at least in the Delhi region -- even in the IIT they are 
      hard to find. Software gets you better jobs and salaries, which had pulled 
      people not only from the hardware side, but other engineering disciplines 
      too. Major problem looming -- a country cannot live by software alone.
      At 12:46 AM 12/17/2000, Frederick Noronha wrote:
      >IT minister urges industry to develop hardware side of IT biz
      >from India Abroad News Service
      >New Delhi, Dec 16 - Information Technology Minister Pramod Mahajan has asked
      >Indian industry to develop the hardware side of the information technology
      >(IT) business with the same degree of innovation and dedication as has been
      >done with software.
      >Expressing the government's confidence in the power of technology to provide
      >India the economic sovereignty, he assured the industry of the government's
      >support on infrastructure building and the provision of a level playing
      >Mahajan was speaking at the panel discussion on India Technology Inc. - Fact
      >or Fantasy - organized by publication house Hindustan Times' weekly
      >technology feature HT Tech 4U, here.
      >"Nothing has caught the minds of people quite like IT since India's struggle
      >for independence," a company press statement quoted him as saying.
      >Chief Vigilance Commissioner N. Vittal said that India could become a
      >technology superpower by focusing on the "4C mantra" - customer,
      >competition, convergence and commitment.
      >The horizon spells boom for the Indian economy, provided the government,
      >industry and people continue to synergise their efforts in that direction,
      >he said adding that all leading basic technologies such as biotechnology,
      >robotics, telecommunications, civil aviation are all being powered by IT.
      >Sunil Bharti Mittal, chairman and group managing director of Bharti
      >Enterprises, pointed out that IT and telecom sectors provided the
      >opportunities to create islands of excellence for India to excel in.
      >Expressing the concern of the industry, Manoj Chugh, president (India and
      >SAARC) of Cisco, said that the pace of development of basic infrastructure,
      >the progress of which impinges on the pace of growth in software
      >development, is holding India back from becoming the leader in technology.
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