Burma sets up national e-task force to bridge digital divide

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  • Subject: Burma sets up national e-task force to bridge digital divide
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  • Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 12:43:08 +0500
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    • [please note that Burma is NOT a south asian country. it is located in 
      SouthEASTERN Asia, bordering the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal, between 
      Bangladesh and Thailand. since the IT infrastructure (and development in 
      general) is in its nascent stages in Burma, it is interesting to see how a 
      country which is located next to south asia is dealing with it. ik]
      Burma sets up national e-task force to bridge digital divide 
      The Myanmar Times
      13 Dec 00, p 3 
      The Myanmar Burma government last month took an important step to stay 
      abreast of rapidly developing information technologies which have caused a 
      digital divide between developed and developing nations.  
      The 18-member e-National Task Force, with Deputy Minister for Science and 
      Technology U Hlaing Win as its chairman, has been formed to help put 
      Myanmar on a comparable footing with its developed ASEAN cousins, and to 
      accelerate development of the domestic information and communication 
      technology industries.  
      Task force members include officials from relevant ministries, computer 
      professionals and representatives of business associations. The body will 
      be funded through the Ministry of Science and Technology and will have 
      three working committees on education, legal affairs, and development of 
      infrastructure and programme applications.  
      The task force's responsibilities will include making suggestions for the 
      emergence of information and communication infrastructure; drafting 
      national policies, laws and by-laws on e-commerce based on the existing 
      laws in the country and international norms; coordinating, with government 
      agencies, Myanmar's implementation of provisions in the e-ASEAN framework 
      agreement; evaluating current resources for execution of appropriate 
      programmes for Myanmar's e-readiness; and forwarding recommendations for 
      the implementation of information and communications technology projects.  
      The task force will have ready access to relevant information collected by 
      public and private bodies.