NEWS-SOUTH ASIA: Pak official Web site not hacked: Web master

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    • Pak official Web site not hacked: Web master
      by Muhammad Najeeb, India Abroad News Service
      Islamabad, Dec 23 - The Web master of Pakistan's official Web site has ridiculed claims by some "patriotic Indian IT
      professional" that the site has been hacked and that its front page has been
      "This shows how professional Indians are...they don't know the official Web
      site of Pakistan," the Web master said while commenting on news reports that
      the government's Web site had been hacked by pro-India hackers.
      On Thursday, the front page of a Web site carried a message
      saying, "This site has been hacked by a patriotic Indian IT professional
      with the sole objective of trying to get the message across to Pakistani
      hackers (if any) to keep their hands off Indian Web sites."
      The Web master said one could judge the professional level of the Indians by
      the fact that they even did not know that government Web sites are
      registered as gov. and not org. He said org. was meant for organizations and
      not for governments.
      "They can only make a fool of themselves," he said. He said Pakistan's
      official Web site was fully operative and guessed that some Indians could
      have got this site registered fictitiously and then put out a
      message saying that they have blocked the official site.
      "We have made adequate security arrangements and no one can enter into our
      domain. They even cannot crash our servers what to talk of entering into our
      Another IT professional, requesting anonymity, also laughed away the Indian
      claim, saying he knew the security system of Pakistan's official Web sites,
      and added that they were not easy to hack.
      "No doubt Indian IT professionals are large in numbers, but they cannot
      reach the caliber of Pakistanis," he said.
      Describing the news of hacking as the height of stupidity, he said Pakistani
      sites had multiple-layered security systems and were difficult to enter