NEWS-INDIA: Marriage a byte too much for the IT savvy

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    • Marriage a byte too much for the IT savvy
      >From India Abroad News Service
      New Delhi, Dec 23 - They have made their fortunes, acquired stock options
      and are sought after the world over. But these software professionals are in
      the news now for the wrong reasons - their high rates of divorce.
      These young urban upwardly mobile software professionals head the divorce
      rates in India today. Statistics from Bangalore's family court show that
      marriage may be one byte they just cannot handle, according to The Times of
      India newspaper.
      Top lawyers say software professionals or those married to them file the
      maximum number of cases for divorce. Lawyers handling family court matters
      in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, say they are handling 20-30
      divorce petitions filed either by or against an information technology (IT)
      person. Their reasons for doing so can make you laugh or cry.
      "My husband carries an umbrella to office every day," said the wife of an IT
      man who had just had enough of her husband. She filed for divorce after she
      realized she could not take any more embarrassment on account of her
      One software professional could not make it past his wedding day. His
      airhostess wife could not hide her mortification when he walked around and
      greeted his guests - with ice cream decorating his upper lip.
      But it's not just the nerd factor that leaves them single. Many wives have
      complained that they had been treated very cruelly and had even been
      tortured by their software professional husbands.
      A wife of an IT man had chemical poured on her head after they quarreled
      over his extra-marital relationship. She lost her hair and subsequently
      filed for divorce. In another case, a software professional performed black
      magic on his wife. He cut a rabbit and poured its blood over her body, and
      even made her eat the animal's meat. Later the wife was forced to perform
      occult rites.
      This software engineer's wife was made to take a bath at the unearthly hour
      of 2 a.m. - with ice cold water. She finally filed for divorce after her
      mother-in-law forced her to consume insecticide.
      Supreme Court lawyer V. Renjith Shanker, who has handled many cases
      involving software engineers, told the newspaper that it is important these
      people realize that the divorce petitions involving IT people are on the
      "It is time to analyze this phenomenon. Sociologists and psychiatrists
      should examine this issue. I wish somebody conducts a study on this," he
      told the newspaper.
      The general awareness of these software professionals is low according to
      the lawyer. A couple when asked to fill in a form had considerable
      difficulty when they came to the column titled 'sex.' They had to be told
      that the column was merely meant to indicate their gender and not their
      sexual status.
      "Cyber sex has also played a big role in disintegrating families. Most of
      them have developed relationships online," Shanker was quoted as telling the