[Pakistan] Unique Crafts from the Legendary Land of Hunza

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  • Subject: [Pakistan] Unique Crafts from the Legendary Land of Hunza
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      Unique Crafts from the Legendary Land of Hunza 
      PAN proudly launches a new Arts & Crafts category on its E-commerce 
      Mall, under the Mail Order System [http://www.panasia.org.sg/mos/ ].
      Making a debut here are genuine Hunza handcrafted products from the
      spectacular Karakoram mountains of northern Pakistan. Located on the old
      Silk Route, Hunza, a Shangri-la on earth, has a very rich history and
      cultural heritage, which has shaped the special traditions of the area. 
      The craft items offered are of unique quality, comprising embroidery,
      carpets, traditional goat/yak hair rugs (Sharma), wood carvings, musical
      instruments and fabrics. Adapting traditional motifs and designs, the
      Thread Net Hunza project [http://www.threadnethunza.com/ ] has transformed
      local crafts into globally marketable products and generates work and
      income for about 2000 women producers. These beautiful items are made with
      affection by local famous artisans and are of the highest quality. The
      proceeds from the sale of these products are reinvested in the local
      communities to improve their skills and develop sustainable markets for
      their products. 
      The project is supported by the Karakoram Area Development 
      Organization (KADO), a non-profit community-based organization 
      working to promote sustainable development of mountain areas in 
      northern Pakistan. The organization promotes culture-sensitive and 
      environment-friendly micro-enterprises, creating village-based 
      employment for poor women, men and disadvantaged groups of the 
      community. The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation provides
      financial support to KADO. 
      PAN warmly welcomes KADO as our latest e-commerce partner in 
      [from http://www.panasia.org.sg/]
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