ICT Update... on agriculture and rural cooperation

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      /ICT Update/ is a bimonthly web magazine (http://ictupdate.cta.int) with an
      accompanying printed bulletin and an email newsletter. It is published by
      the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) ACP EU,
      Agro Business Park 2, 6708 PW Wageningen, the Netherlands.
      Articles <#articles> | Selected CTA projects and initiatives <#projects>
      The editors of /ICT Update/ congratulate CTA on its 20th anniversary. This
      special issue is different from the regular /ICT Update/ in that it focuses
      on the forward-looking theme /Mainstreaming ICTs, digital futures in ACP
      agriculture/. The theme has been chosen to pay tribute to CTA?s pioneering
      role in putting ?ICTs for ACP agriculture? firmly on the ACP-EU policy
      *Read more*: http://ictupdate.cta.int/index.php/article/view/321
      *Carl B. Greenidge* explains that policy makers should encourage the use
      ICTs, and should make the identification of promising ICT applications part
      of their daily routines.
      *Shaun Ferris* explains how FOODNET, an ASARECA marketing and
      agro-enterprise network for East and Central Africa, is delivering reliable
      market information to farmers in Uganda, using a mix of conventional media,
      the Internet, mobile phones and other ICTs.
      *Rutger Engelhard* describes a day in the life of an agricultural
      extension worker in Kenya and the ICT equipment that he might be using in
      the year 2020.
      *Kevin Painting* outlines the enormous challenges for CTA and its partners
      in ACP countries in mainstreaming ICTs into their programmes and projects.
      *Gesa Wesseler* reports on the success of GenARDIS and highlights the
      importance of a gender-sensitive approach to ICTs in ACP agriculture.
      *Mike Jensen* has been promoting ICTs for development for more than 15
      years, and has probably seen it all. In the early 1990s he travelled around
      Africa helping NGOs install their first store-and-forward email systems,
      which were supported by APC/GreenNet. Today, he is one of the most
      sought-after ICT4D policy advisers of African governments and international
      organizations. /ICT Update /interviewed him concerning telecom policies.
      CTA's projects focus on supporting ICT capacity building, knowledgesharing
      and awareness raising of the uses of ICTs in ACP agriculture and rural
      *Observatory on ICTs for ACP agriculture and rural development* CTA?s ICT
      Observatory identifies ICT issues and strategies relevant to ACP agriculture
      and monitors the development of ICTs for use in information and
      communication management. Every year, CTA brings together leading ACP and EU
      experts in the field of ICTs for development. The first of these expert
      meetings advised CTA on a long-term ICT strategy that could enhance the
      outreach and quality of its agricultural information and communication
      In 2001, the Observatory meeting looked at technologies for wireless access
      to the Internet via satellite. This meeting identified the enormous
      potential of small, cheap VSAT satellite applications for two-way
      communication to bring the Internet to rural areas of ACP countries.
      In 2002, the Observatory explored a neglected policy area, ?Gender and
      agriculture in the information society?, and put it firmly on the agenda
      of the international development community.
      In 2003, the ICT Observatory meeting looked at how ICTs could enhance the
      effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural extension services. The policy
      reports that resulted from each of these meetings can be retrieved from
      CTA?s website. www.cta.int <http://www.cta.int>
      *Resource kits on information management* CTA collaborated with the FAO and
      other organizations to produce two distance learning CD-ROMs: (1) Investing
      in agricultural information (FAO, CTA, GTZ, ISNAR) and (2) Building
      electronic communities and networks (FAO, APC, CTA, Rockefeller Foundation).
      www.fao.org/imark/ <http://www.fao.org/imark/>
      *Subscription programme for CD-ROM/Internet agricultural databases*
      CTA offers access to major agricultural databases for subscribers. 76
      institutions receive CD-ROMs and 12 are subscribing to Internet databases.
      www.cta.int/about/cdrom.htm <http://www.cta.int/about/cdrom.htm>
      *Rural Radio Resource Packs*
      CTA is working to strengthen the links between extension workers and
      farmers, and to promote knowledge sharing among farmers. CTA's Rural Radio
      Resource Pack project aims to address the problem of illiteracy by
      encouraging the use of rural radio to disseminate scientific and technical
      information. The beneficiaries of the project include rural radio programme
      producers and managers, extension workers and farmers.
      www.cta.int/about/ruralradio.htm <http://www.cta.int/about/ruralradio.htm>
      *Question & Answer services*
      CTA provides support to regional Question & Answer centres which respond to
      users' requests, using on and off-line services, consulting subject-matter
      specialists when necessary. These services also refer users to appropriate
      sources of information, and advice on sources of finance and training
      opportunities. www.cta.int/about/qas.htm <http://www.cta.int/about/qas.htm>
      *Agritrade* addresses agricultural trade issues in current and future ACP?EU
      trade relations. Provides information, on news and analysis of issues and
      events affecting ACP agricultural trade. http://agritrade.cta.int
      *Knowledge for Development*, an observatory on science and technology for
      ACP agriculture and rural development, is intended to support the policy
      dialogue on S&T for development, and to enable the ACP scientific community
      to share and review results of the process of harnessing S&T for the
      development of agriculture. http://knowledge.cta.int/
      Copyright 2004 Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation
      ACP-EU <http://www.cta.int/>. Email: ictupdate at cta dot int
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