Re: Balochistan Development Gateway Facility launched

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  • Subject: Re: Balochistan Development Gateway Facility launched
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  • Date: Sat, 5 Jun 2004 10:14:07 +0500
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    • Greetings from Jafferabad!
      - Its a great news; I am really happy reading your message. I am stationed 
      at District Jafferabad of Balochistan with National Commission for Human 
      Development as District Programme Officer since April 22, 
      2004. Its really a wonderful experience of being part of a highly motivated 
      - We may also start some ICTs related work in our district in not so distant 
      future. Most probably, we go ahead with IT center in the first phase. I 
      hope, the resources you have managed to put on the web would be immensely 
      Best Regards,
      On Fri, 28 May 2004 14:23:38 +0500, Hasan Rizvi wrote
      > Balochistan is Pakistan's largest province in terms of area, rich in 
      > natural and mineral resources, but is also the most under-developed. 
      > The IUCN Pakistan's Balochistan Programme - funded by the Royal 
      > Netherlands Embassy - has launched the Balochistan Development 
      > Gateway (BDG) - the first information portal of its kind in the 
      > province. Accessible at, the BDG will serve 
      > as a one-stop website for all development related information 
      > pertaining to the province of Balochistan
      > The BDG Facility, is intended to enhance the access to and 
      > dissemination of development information related to Balochistan. It 
      > is a pioneering web-enabled knowledge initiative, based on 
      > information provided by different stakeholders of development in 
      > Balochistan. This facility will provide links to provincial and 
      > national stakeholders-government, civil society, media, academia,
      >  business organizations, donors and the general public- with their 
      > global counterparts, weaving a web of information sharing.
      > The key features of BDG include (a) Balochistan Development News and 
      > Events Announcements (b) Development Directory and Development 
      > Project Information
      > (c) Government and Civil Society Information, and (d) Development Stories
      > and Research Papers.
      > While this initiative has been taken under the Balochistan Programme 
      > of IUCN, it is not an IUCN website. It is a public online resource with
      > information pooled from diverse sources which would help bridge the
      > information gap between the government, civil society, media, development
      > experts, students, researchers and the general public. The 
      > information on BDG Facility will be enriched through the 
      > participation of institutions and people of Balochistan and is hoped 
      > to eventually serve as a knowledge tool for promoting sustainable 
      > development in the province.
      > Cheers,
      > -Hasan Rizvi
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