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  • Subject: Fw: Live webcast: Wireless for Development: New ConnectivitySolutions for Digital Inclusion, June 16, 09:00 ? 11:30 AM (EST)
  • From: "Asad Zaman" <asad.zaman at pc dot iucnp dot org>
  • Date: Wed, 16 Jun 2004 10:16:33 +0500
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      From: <edevelopment at worldbank dot org>
      To: <asad.zaman at pc dot iucnp dot org>
      Sent: Wednesday, June 16, 2004 7:13 AM
      Subject: Live webcast: Wireless for Development: New Connectivity Solutions
      for Digital Inclusion, June 16, 09:00 ? 11:30 AM (EST)
      > Dear colleages,
      > the following event will be broadcast online live on Wednesday starting at
      9 am Washington DC time (RealPlayer is needed to watch this webcast).
      > "Wireless for Development: New Connectivity Solutions for Digital
      > June 16, 09:00 ? 11:30 AM (EST / Washington DC time)
      > Participating Sites: Washington, Boston, Managua, Brasilia, Lima
      > You can watch Live Webcast at:
      > http://webcast-ext.worldbank.org/streaming/live.ram
      > The seminar is organized by the World Bank's E-Development Services
      Thematic Group, Fundacion ChasquiNet and the Development Gateway  as a part
      of the e-Development  Dialogues Series
      > The lack of affordable and readily available Internet connectivity is
      still one of the main limiting factors for broader access and use of ICT in
      most developing countries, particularly in low-income periurban and rural
      areas. Emerging wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi have evolved very
      rapidly over the last few years, offering new alternatives that are more
      affordable. The deployment of Wi-Fi networks (hot spots) is growing rapidly
      in most developed countries, particularly in urban areas, and  despite some
      emerging challenges particularly of regulatory nature, the business and NGO
      communities in a few developing countries are trying to catch up.
      > This seminar will introduce the basic concepts, key challenges and
      opportunities of Wi-Fi technology, presenting practical examples and lessons
      learned of its use and impact in digital inclusion projects. The discussion
      is of particular interest for organizations and individuals who are either
      planning or implementing projects that rely on network infrastructure
      components, especially in difficult environments where wireline or other
      technologies are not affordable or simply not available.
      > The following questions will be addressed among others: Is Wi-Fi
      technology ready for using and scaling up in World Bank projects (e.g.,
      education, health, public sector reform, telecenters etc)? How can the World
      Bank and other donors help promote the widespread use of Wi-Fi, Wi-Max and
      other wireless technologies? How can wireless technology promote universal
      access to knowledge and services?
      > Among the speakers there will be:
      > James Hanna ( Lead Operations Officer, World Bank)
      > Juan Navas Sabateur (Telecom. Spec, World Bank)
      > Axel Leblois, (Co-founder, Wireless Internet Institute)
      > Kalai Chelvan (CEO & President, EION)
      > Alex Pentland (Head, MIT/Medialab)
      > Edwin San Roman (President, OSIPTEL) & Carlos Sanchez
      > Klaus Stoll (Chasquinet)
      > Eduardo Santoyo (President, RCP)