[sig-db]Proposals for Database SIG at APNIC 15

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  • Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 10:37:22 +1000
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      There will be 2 'proposal' papers presented at the forthcoming Database
      SIG at APNIC 15 (held in conjunction with APRICOT).  
      A brief synopsis of each of the proposals is provided below for your
      information. Please take some time to go through the agenda, and raise
      any issues or questions on the sig-db at apnic dot net mailing list. 
      Full details of the agenda and papers can be found at:
      The proposals are:
      1. Requirements for running a local 'whois' - George Michaelson, APNIC
      The APNIC Secretariat is proposing technical and policy requirements for
      exchange of whois data with its membership. Very large members, such as
      the NIRs should be able to adopt local procedures to maintain whois
      data, and use live update methods to mirror this with the APNIC systems,
      for wider public visibility. This proposal focuses on the adoption of
      RPSL as a format for data, and use of compatible network protocols to
      exchange RPSL data.  Policy requirements for the contents of the data
      are also clarified.
      2.  Whois data cleanup, Sanjaya, APNIC Sec.
      The conversion of the APNIC whois service to RPSL required a large
      amount of historical data to be imported en masse. APNIC Secretariat has
      undertaken a detailed analysis of the data, and identified over 25,000
      entries which are either no longer needed, or have format problems. The
      APNIC Secretariat proposes a mechanism to identify and fix these
      problems, with membership review.
      This activity is of increasing importance as early registration
      transfers are undertaken, since some of the data currently in our whois
      database overlaps with records we need to import from ARIN. It also
      improves our ability to manage global routing processes, by removing
      records which conflict with other organizations routing declarations.
      Every effort has been taken to have the presentation material available
      on the meeting web site as soon as we receive them from the presenters.
      For further clarification please contact the author/presenter.
      Save Vocea
      APNIC Secretariat
      Savenaca Vocea             Research & Liaison Officer (Pacific)
      http://www.apnic.net       phone/fax: +61-7-3858 3100/99