[sig-db]APNIC-15 DB-SIG Report

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  • From: Xing Li <xing at cernet dot edu dot cn>
  • Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2003 15:20:40 +0800
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      Thank you ver much for participating in the DB-SIG.  Please see the
      Best regards,
      Xing Li
      DB-SIG Chair
      APNIC DB SIG Report
      Taipei 2003
      Xing Li
      	This SIG examines developments in the operation of APNIC's Whois 
      database and discuss related policy issues affecting registration
      and database security.
      The meeting
       	There are about 36 attendees 
       	Introduce of the Vice Chairman Hakikur Rahman (he could not 
              participate in this time)
       	Proposal 1:
              Requirements for running a local 'Whois'
       	Speaker:George Michaelson, APNIC
              Proposal 2:
       	Proposal for data clean up in APNIC Whois
       	Speaker:Sanjaya, APNIC
       	Operational Status report on whois DB
       	Speaker: Sanjaya, APNIC
       	RIPE DB Developments
       	Speaker: Olaf Kolkman, RIPE NCC
       	Rwhois technical Overview/ ARIN design initiative
       	Speaker:Tim Christensen, ARIN
      Proposal 1
       	Clarify operational and policy issues to permit more widespread 
              use of mirrored WHOIS services
       	Enhance member services
       	Improve information held on behalf of wider Internet community
      Result: Will be discuss in the mailing-list, next meeting's action
      Proposal 2
       	Remove whois records that are not related to actual resource
       	Remove resources information that are not in APNIC range
       	Modify records that are not RPSL compliant
       	Removals/modification will be made after 60 days notice to the record
       	Activities reported regularly in DB-SIG and AMM
      Result: Agree, consensus: 12 vs 0
      Discussions in the DB-SIG
       	Database usage analysis
       	Network abuse and spam
       	RIR vs. IETF process
      Open action items from last meeting
       	Delete MAIL-FROM
      Result:	done
       	Create sample hierarchical inetnum objects with associated maintainer
      Result:	Consensus Agreed to process
       	Mandatory maintainers for inetnum objects
      Result: next meeting's action
       	Create a new AS object
      Result: next meeting's action