[sig-nir] Summary of NIR SIG in APNIC OPM 19

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  • Date: Thu, 03 Mar 2005 10:29:01 +0800
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      Thank you all for your participation the NIR SIG meeting last week,
      especially to the speakers and their excellent reports.
      Please find the summary of NIR SIG in APNIC 19 as below. And for 
      those who can't participate in the NIR SIG meeting, the meeting materials 
      can be found at:
      Thank you very much and best regards,
      David Chen
      Co-Chair NIR-SIG
      19th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
      NIR SIG Summary
      Wednesday 23 February 2005
      Kyoto, Japan
      Meeting commenced: 11 Am
      The chair, Akinori Maemura, announced his resignment and appointed a 
      volunteer, Izumi Okutani, as a new chair for this SIG.
      Then, the new chair reviewed of previous open action items
      Action nir-18-001: Pending approval at each remaining stage of the policy
      proposal process, Secretariat to implement this proposal (prop-022-v001)
      to abolish the multiple IPv6 per address fee for the same address range.
      Update: To be implemented Feb. 2005.
      Action nir-18-002: Secretariat to call for volunteers of a new working group to review 
      the NIR fee structure.
      Update: The working group has been established and has proposed that they are
      going to waive IPv6 per address fee in the first step. It will show as in following 
      Informational presentation.
      There are five informative presentations in this SIG.
      1. JPNIC Update - Izumi, JPNIC
          - It's an overview of JPNIC activities including Policy co-ordination/governance,
            new services and some issues in current services.
          - There were some specific events introduce to audience such as JPNIC OPM, 
            new RMS & WHOIS, personal data protecting law and ERX cleaning up.
         Questions and discussion
          - There was a question about ERX assignment records in JPNIC. It was noted 
             that all assignments made via paper documentation are reflected in JPNIC
             database. However, there are still inconsistencies in registered data,
             therefore, ERX holders are requested to update the information in
             JPNIC database.
         Action items
         - None.
      2. TWNIC OPM Update and Issues - Ching-Heng Ku, TWNIC
          -  There was an updated information for TWNIC OPM held on last Nov. 
          -  The presenter also introduced some major activities were taken place by 
             TWNIC and showed us a connectivity map in Taiwan for reference.
          Questions and comments
          - There was a comment given by Mr. Maemura-san. He said that he attended 
             TWNIC OPM as a KeyNote speaker and feet that TWNIC held such a 
              successful way to fully discuss on some issues which were proposed by 
              three SIGs relating policy management.
          Action items
          - None.
      3. CNNIC Update - Yan Feng Wang, CNNIC
         - The presenter gave us an updated information for CNNIC resource management 
           system. It has provided several services on 2004 for their local customers such as 
           allocation management, request trace system, whois query and native language services.
         Action items
         - None.
      4. Difficulty for ERX project in KRNIC - James Shim, KRNIC
        - There was a sharing information relating ERX transferring problems which were met 
          by KRNIC. 
        - The presenter explained that there is no ERX relevant information in FAQ for NIR's 
         Action nir-19-001: To make suggestion to APNIC to expand ERX FAQ to include 
         information for NIR's members.
      5. Report from activities of NIR fee WG - Toshiyuki Hosaka  from JPNIC and Billy MH 
          Cheon from KRNIC
         - The presenters gave us an idea to abolish per address fee for IPv6 allocation.
         - There were a few NIRs supporting this idea to abolish IPv6 per address fee, however 
            APNIC gave a comment that it'll impact APNIC's budget need carefully review.
         - One audience from KRNIC suggested that APNIC provide a financial table for per address
           fee in recent years to the mailing list, the WG would refer the information to develop a 
           proposal for NIR fee.
         - Several NIRs agreed to prepare a proposal by next APNIC meeting(APNIC 20) to abolish 
           IPv6 per address fee.
         Action nir-19-002: Secretariat to post APNIC financial information for per address fee to the
         nir-fee-wg mailing list. The NIR fee WG will develop a proposal to abolish IPv6 per address
         fee accordingly.
          The meeting materials can be found at: http://www.apnic.net/meetings/19/programme/sigs/nir.html