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  • Date: Tue, 27 Sep 2005 13:19:20 +0800
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      Thank you very much for voicing your opinion to this proposal.
      >I have proposed that to stop this form of meeting stacking by the
      >NIRs that all policy proposals be passed to an online vote by the
      >entire APNIC membership, and that the EC approval of the policy
      >proposal is only possible if a majority of the members are in favour
      I feel you have prejudice against NIRs.The fact that many NIRs send 
      colleagues to APNIC meeting indicates NIRs are the most active group 
      in APNIC communities. NIR did a lot of things to promote Internet 
      development in AP region. We assist APNIC to make survey of internet 
      resourcein our nation or region, to hold training meeting and get 
      feedback from local ISPs to APNIC in order to improve APNIC's service. 
      We provide local service to local ISPs. In fact,ISPs would like get 
      service from NIRs and they are satisfied with NIR's service as well. 
      NIRs need respect and suggestion but not prejudice.
      Each NIR is the representative of the local ISPs in its country. They 
      say what the ISPs want it to say and do what the the ISPs want it to do.
      When APNIC members do not have to fear large amounts of pre address fee, 
      NIR's member must make difficult decision whether they must pay large 
      amounts of pre address fee to get enough addresses or use private addresses 
      to avoid pre address fee. OK, you can say "it is none of your business", but 
      we could not keep silent. Abolishing IPv6 pre address fee almost make no 
      impact on APNIC financial status(1% of APNIC's revenue,and I believe APNIC 
      will continue to develop with the grouth of member's number), but it can 
      provide local ISPs better environment to get enough addresses, the policy 
      will promote IPv6 deployment,that is a good thing for AP region.
      Dong Yan
      CNNIC (China Ineternet Network Information Center)
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      > Today's Topics:
      >    1.  Final call for comments: [prop-028-v001] "Abolishing IPv6
      >       per address fee for NIRs" (Stephan Millet)
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      > Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 09:59:02 +1000
      > From: Stephan Millet <stephan at telstra dot net>
      > Subject: [sig-nir] Final call for comments: [prop-028-v001]
      > "Abolishing IPv6 per address fee for NIRs"
      > To: sig-nir at apnic dot net, sig-policy at apnic dot net
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      > I wish to voice my strong objection to this proposed policy.
      > The basis of this objection is that it is not reflective of the position of 
      > the entire membership, but is a self-serving policy that merely serves the 
      > interests of a small number of National Registries, at the ultimate cost of 
      > the entire remainder of the membership. If the National Registries pay less 
      > then all the rest of the membership will pay more. I see no reason why these 
      > small number of privileged members whose total contribution to APNIC is 
      > less than 10% of the finances can dictate the direction of the entire 
      > membership organization. The rest of us can't afford to attend in person 
      > these meetings in exotic locations, and because we can't attend we can't 
      > vote against such unfair policy proposals that serve only the financial 
      > interests of national registries while the rest of us end up having to pay 
      > more.
      > If I understand the transcript of the members' meeting on Friday the 
      > rational for this proposal is that the Japanese think that the existing 
      > IPv6 fees are "too complicated". This is complete nonsense! Are they that 
      > simple-minded that they cannot understand the fee schedule? Does this "too 
      > complicated" excuse set a precedent for the rest of us? If I think that the 
      > formulae for my organization's membership is "too complicated" can I also 
      > get my fees waived?
      > In voicing a strong objection to this policy because it is unfair to the 
      > rest of the APNIC membership, I would like to propose a change to the APNIC 
      > policy process - namely that _all_ policy proposals be put to the entire 
      > membership of APNIC with a one member one online vote mechanism, and that 
      > final approval by the EC be conditional upon a majority of all the APNIC 
      > members voting in favour of the proposal.
      > At least this policy proposal will prevent the current meeting stacking by 
      > NIRs, who then abuse the process by voting themselves fee waivers!
      > Stephan Millet
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