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  • Subject: [sig-nir] Reminder of the comment period Re: [sig-policy]Final call forcomments:[prop-028-v001]"AbolishingIPv6peraddressfee forNIRs"
  • From: Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic dot ad dot jp>
  • Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 14:01:20 +0900
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      This is a reminder that the final comment period for the proposal;
       [prop-028-v001]"AbolishingIPv6peraddressfee forNIRs"
      will close in a week from today.
      Past discussions can be followed by refering to "sig-nir" and
      "sig-policy" mailing list archives since September this year.
      If there is anyone who would like to express their opinion about this
      proposal, please voice your opinion on the "sig-nir" mailing list by
      16th Nov. Thanks.
      Best Regards,
      Izumi Okutani
      NIR SIG Chair
      Izumi Okutani wrote:
      > Hi Thu Thuy and Nhung,
      > Thank you for expressing your position for this proposal.
      > The situation at the moment is that there is a split in opinions between
      > NIRs/NIR members and some of the other APNIC members.
      > I acknowledge NIRs/NIR members' needs, but I really don't think we can
      > move on unless the other APNIC members are more comfortable with it.
      > Judging from the comments received so far, the concern here is that
      > abolishing(actually, "waiver" is a more accurate word) should take place
      > with more concrete planning and should make sense business-wise.
      > Suggestions from these members had been:
      >  + Present more concrete plan for the long term fee revision at the same
      >    time
      >  + come up with a plan which absorbs the 1% impact on APNIC's
      >    budget(zero impact on APNIC budget)
      > I recommend NIRs to address this area in your proposal so that it would
      > be more agreeable to other APNIC members.
      > Izumi
      > Phan Thi Nhung wrote:
      >>Dear all,
      >>VNNIC support this proposal. Actually, to promote our member to deploy IPV6, VNNIC do not charge IPV6  per address fee. In our opinion, what LIRs does't have to pay if they are APNIC member they will not have to pay when becoming VNNIC member.
      >>  ----- Original Message ----- 
      >>  From: Thu Thuy 
      >>  To: sig-policy at apnic dot net 
      >>  Cc: Izumi Okutani ; wei chenguang 
      >>  Sent: Monday, October 17, 2005 8:58 AM
      >>  Subject: Re: Re:[sig-policy] Final call forcomments:[prop-028-v001]"AbolishingIPv6peraddressfee forNIRs"
      >>  Hi, all
      >>  I personnally support this proposal because it takes a role in promotion ipv6 utilisation in the early period of the new Internet Protocol.
      >>  Thu Thuy.
      >>    ----- Original Message ----- 
      >>    From: wei chenguang 
      >>    To: Izumi Okutani ; sig-policy at apnic dot net 
      >>    Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2005 2:26 PM
      >>    Subject: Re: Re:[sig-policy] Final call forcomments:[prop-028-v001]"AbolishingIPv6peraddressfee for NIRs"
      >>    I support the proposal. I think it's fair for all people who want to apply IP address. 
      >>    ======== 2005-10-07 16:54:42  ========
      >>            The mailing list is very quiet now, but I'm interesed to hear opinions
      >>            again on how people feel about this proposal after some discussions.
      >>             a) against the proposal
      >>             b) support the proposal
      >>             c) doesn't mind either way
      >>             d) other opinion
      >>            If possible, it would also help if you could also explain the reason for
      >>            your position. Thanks!
      >>            Izumi
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