[sig-nir] NIR SIG summary at APNIC 21

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  • From: David Chen <david at twnic dot net dot tw>
  • Date: Mon, 06 Mar 2006 10:16:30 +0800
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      This is a brief summary of the NIR SIG which was held during APNIC 21 in Perth.
      Comments or questions are welcome also from those who were not able to attend the session.
      Kind regards,
      David Chen
      NIR SIG Co-Chair
      21th APNIC Open Policy Meeting
      NIR SIG Summary
      Wednesday 1 March 2006
      Perth, Australia
      Meeting commenced: 14:00 PM room 3
      The chair, Izumi Okutani, announced SIG meeting starting, then reviewed of previous open action items.
      Action nir-19-001: To make suggestion to APNIC to expand ERX FAQ to include relevant information to NIR's members.
      Update: After inquiring James Shim and NIRs, the ERX issue is no longer relevant now. 
      Status: Close  
      Action nir-20-001: Chair to refer proposal (prop-28-001) to APNIC Member Meeting to seek further consensus.
      Update: No consensus was made during mail comment period. A new informational proposal proposed by APNIC will be presented in next session.
      Status: Close
      The session was attended with roughly 30 attendees, and there are four informational presentations in this SIG.
      1. KRNIC Update Report - JM. Kim, KRNIC
      - It's a report of KRNIC regarding issues and activities including ERX project, WHOIS personal data protection policy, IRMS upgrade and activities.
      Questions and discussion
      - There was a request would like to share IRMS source code, however it's under consideration by KRNIC.
      Action items
      - None.
      2. CNNIC Update Report - Edward Chen, CNNIC
      - The presenter gave us an updated information from CNNIC resource statistics, Member Meeting update and Bogon address issue.
      Action items
      - None.
      3. TWNIC new service Routing table statistics - Ching-Heng Ku, TWNIC
      - It's also an informational report from TWNIC.  It briefly introduces TWNIC OPM, Bandwidth Connectivity Map and ISP Directory Almanac which have been deployed regularly.   
      - The new routing table statistics service was introduced and showed some futures from the collected data.
      Action items
      - None.
      4. Reverse DNS lookup failure and its influence to JP community - Toshiyuki Hosaka, JPNIC
      - It's a report from JPNIC, which is talking about a part of APNIC DNS lookup failure and impact in Japan on Oct. 2005. 
      - Some issues have been mentioned, and it shared information with attendees regarding current improved implementation.
      Action items
      - None.
      All the presentations from the SIG are available from: