[sig-nir] NIR SIG proposal: NIR operational policy document revision

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  • Subject: [sig-nir] NIR SIG proposal: NIR operational policy document revision
  • From: Izumi Okutani <izumi at nic dot ad dot jp>
  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 16:48:32 +0900
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      We invite you to review and comment on the proposal
        "NIR operational policy document revision"
      which has been sent to NIR SIG for the review. We encourage you to:
            - Ask the proposer questions if anything in the proposal is
            - Point out advantages and disadvantages you see in the proposal
            - State whether you support or oppose the proposal
      The proposal's history can be found at:
      Mailing list discussions will be taken into account as an important part
      of the policy development process when the proposal will be discussed at
      the upcoming NIR SIG at APNIC25 (Taipei, Taiwan, 25-29 February 2008).
      We are looking forward to hear your comments on the proposal!
      Best Regards,
      Izumi Okutani, David Chen
      sig-nir-chair at apnic dot net
      prop-054-v001: NIR operational policy document revision
      Authors:    Sanjaya
                  <sanjaya at apnic dot net>
                  Terry Manderson
                  <terry at apnic dot net>
      Version:   1
      Date:      14 January 2008
      1. Introduction
      This is a proposal to revise the reverse zone delegation section of the
      policy document APNIC-103-v001, "Operational policies for National
      Internet Registries in the APNIC region".
      2. Summary
      The APNIC-103-v001 document was written in 2002 and specifies a reverse
      delegation management process that does not take into accounts newer
      systems and technologies that have been developed since then.
      The current document refers only to in-addr.arpa and contains no
      reference to ip6.arpa.
      3. Situation in other RIRs
      Not applicable, as most of the other RIRs have neither NIRs nor shared
      zone management arrangement with their NIRs.
      4. Details
      It is proposed that:
      4.1 Section 3.4 of APNIC-103-v001 be updated to include a reference to
           reverse DNS delegations in ip6.arpa.
      4.2 The two processes for delegating reverse zones specified in section
           3.4 of APNIC-103-v001 be replaced with the following two processes:
           1. Automated
               Reverse DNS zones may be managed using the currently supported
               automated process documented at:
                   Reverse DNS delegations resource guide
           2. Manual
              Reverse DNS delegations may be managed using MyAPNIC.
      4.3 "Appendix: Details of flat file view of a zone" be removed from
           APNIC-103-v001 as it is no longer needed.
           - The revised processes are less prescriptive on the technical
             implementation, and would therefore be more flexible in
             anticipating future operational changes.
           - The revised processes include ip6.arpa, which is not mentioned
             in the current document.
           - NIRs may have to move to newer systems for delegating reverse
             zones from time to time as the APNIC Secretariat adopts the
             latest technologies.
             To ensure that NIRs have enough time to adapt to the changes,
             the APNIC Secretariat will commit to a six-month notice period
             between announcing changes to the system and expected
             implementation by NIRs.
      Effect on APNIC
      Having a less technically prescriptive document gives the APNIC
      Secretariat the flexibility to adopt systems and technology that will
      best serve APNIC members.
      Effect on NIRs
      NIRs will retain their ability to choose technology options, but
      should also be prepared from time to time to move on to newer systems
      to support their members as APNIC upgrades its systems to keep pace
      with current and future technologies and mechanisms.