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[sig-nir] NIR SIG Agenda for APNIC 34

Dear NIR SIG Colleagues,

We would like to share the current NIR SIG agenda for APNIC34.

  When: 	Tuesday, 28 August 2012
  Time:   	09:00 - 10:30 (UTC +7)
  Where: 	Meeting Room 2& 3

 * CNNIC Allocation and IPv6 Activities Update (Jessica Shen, CNNIC)
 * Discussions in Japan about delegations of IPv4 address space
(Tomohiro Fujisaki, JP, NTT)
 * IDNIC Update (Valens Riyadi, IDNIC)

For more details, you can visit NIR SIG webpage at:


We are looking forward to see you all in Cambodia.

Best Regards,
Jessica Shen, Izumi Okutani, Ji-Young Lee