Re: [sig-policy] Proposals prop-063 and prop-070

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  • Date: Wed, 25 Feb 2009 19:33:38 +1000
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    • Hi David
      On 24/2/09 10:38 AM, David Woodgate wrote:
      Regarding prop-063, I believe that reducing the maximum duration to six months is a reasonable approach, but it needs to be demonstrated that any potential increase in the number of requests could be managed by the current APNIC hostmaster staff. (Hopefully, this wouldn't simply double the number of requests to be processed in a year?) This requires an estimate to be made of this likely increase; could such an estimate be provided by someone from APNIC staff?
      You are correct in assuming that the increase in work wouldn't be linear in scale. Hostmaster analysis shows that smaller requests would be less complex to assess. Currently, hostmasters spend 24% of their time processing subsequent allocations. Taking into account the reduced complexity of requests under prop-063, the predicted workload increase is 20%.
      I think that a distribution showing (Size of request vs. number of 2008 requests of each size) would be useful in terms of identifying (anonymously) both the number of members that could be impacted by this proposal, and also the potential overall annual increase to APNIC requests. This data might allow the tailoring of the scale described in prop-070 to optimise the benefit of the proposal against the cost of the additional work involved. Again, could relevant APNIC staff please supply such information to the list?
      See below for statistics on 2008 allocation sizes and frequency.
      In summary, I believe that both prop-063 and prop-070 have potential merit, but both proposals need to be assessed for probable impacts on APNIC and member workloads, and the detail of the proposals may then need to be adjusted to take such impacts into account. I therefore request the APNIC secretariat to provide to this list: (a) An assessment of the likely increase in number of addressing requests arising from prop-063;
      According to hostmaster analysis, there is a predicted 20% increase in hostmaster workload (or 0.8 full time equivalent) based on current hostmaster activity levels.
      (b) The (anonymous) data of the number of requests in 2008 identified by size of requested address block;
      Below is the breakdown of 2008 allocations made by prefix size and frequency of each allocation size:
      /10     2
      /11     7
      /12    16
      /13    29
      /14    52
      /15    53
      /16    89
      /17    54
      /18    69
      /19    111
      /20    147
      /21    187
      /22    126
      (c) Any assessments as to whether APNIC staffing would need to be increased to manage the likely workload changes should either prop-063 or prop-070 (or both) be implemented as written.
      For prop-063, as noted above, there would be an increase in workload equivalent to 0.8 of a full-time hostmaster. We are still working on the figures for workload changes based on prop-070 requirements and will post this shortly. But in the meantime, we can say that the reduced complexity of smaller request sizes under prop-070 suggests that the workload increase would not be on a linear scale if prop-070 was adopted, either by itself or with prop-063.
      			David Woodgate
      Samantha Dickinson                     email:           sam at apnic dot net
      Policy Development Manager, APNIC        sip:      sam at voip dot apnic dot net                   phone:         +61 7 3858 3100