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  • Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2010 11:45:53 +1000
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    • Hello Tobias,
      In regards to this proposal, we note it covers APNIC account holders. As such this means the proposal will not cover contact details of historical resources where the network responsible for the resources has no contractual relationship with APNIC. As written, this could also affect the list of resources associated with invalid contacts defined in section 4.5.2 of your proposal as written. Would you like to clarify whether you would like invalid contacts for historical resources to be included in the processes associated with section 4.5.2?
      The list of historical resources can be found in section 2.2 of "Policies for historical Internet resources in the APNIC Whois Database" at:

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      On 2/07/2010 3:59 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
      Dear SIG members,
      The proposal, 'Frequent whois information update request', has been sent
      to the Policy SIG for review. It will be presented at the Policy SIG at
      APNIC 30 at the Gold Coast, Australia, 24-27 August 2010 .
      We invite you to review and comment on the proposal on the mailing list
      before the meeting.
      The comment period on the mailing list before an APNIC meeting is an
      important part of the policy development process. We encourage you to
      express your views on the proposal:
             - Do you support or oppose this proposal?
             - Does this proposal solve a problem you are experiencing? If so,
               tell the community about your situation.
             - Do you see any disadvantages in this proposal?
             - Is there anything in the proposal that is not clear?
             - What changes could be made to this proposal to make it more
      Information about this and other policy proposals is available from:
      Randy, Ching-Heng, and Terence
      prop-084-v001: Frequent whois information update request
      Author:    Tobias Knecht<tk at abusix dot com>
      Version:   1
      Date:      2 July 2010
      1.  Introduction
      This is a proposal for APNIC to regularly contact all APNIC current
      account holders with resources in the APNIC Whois Database to ask them
      to actively check that all their details in whois are up to date.
      To actively check details, the object owner has to log into the MyAPNIC
      Portal and acknowledge the accuracy of data in their object(s) or update
      all existing objects if needed. The update date will be shown in the
      "changed" attribute of every single object.
      2.  Summary of current problem
      Whois database data accuracy has been a big issue for years now. There
      have been several approaches to get better data accuracy within whois
      information all over the world.
      There are two main reasons for data inaccuracy in whois:
            a) Wrong data are published to camouflage illegal actions.
            b) Wrong data are published because object owners forget to update
              the whois information as changes occur within their organization
              (staff changes, etc)
      A secondary problem is data incompleteness:
            - Sometimes, there are changes to the structure of whois data, such
              as additional mandatory objects or attributes (for example, the
              IRT object). Object owners usually do not immediately make these
              changes to the objects they are responsible for. So there are
              always data missing in the whois database.
      3.  Situation in other RIRs
      ARIN conducts an annual POC (point of contact) validation process:
      There is no similar proposal or policy in other RIRs; however, if the
      current APNIC proposal is successful in the APNIC region, the author
      plans to submit a similar proposal for AfriNIC, LACNIC, and RIPE
      4.  Details of the proposal
      It is proposed that APNIC:
      4.1 Send an update notification for all existing objects to the
            corresponding responsible organization once every X months.
            This notification will explain that object owners must log in the
            MyAPNIC Portal and verify all objects they are responsible for.
            The objects covered by this proposal are:
                - inetnum
                - inet6num
                - aut-num
                - person
                - role
                - irt
            Object owners must actively click and aknowledge the correctness of
            the objects they are responsible for.
                - If an object needs updating, or a new object needs to be
                  added (for example, an IRT object), the owner can do this via
                - If a new object or attribute is made mandatory via another
                  APNIC policy, then the responsible organization will be
                  required to make this update, if not already made, at the
                  time of notification.
            Even if the owner only verifies existing data and has not made any
            changes, the "changed" attribute in the whois database objects will
            include the date the owner verified the object. This will give
            users of whois an idea on how recently the object owner verified
            the accuracy of the data.
      4.2 Send update notifications to responsible organizations at times
           shorter than the regular period described in section 4.1 if APNIC is
           made aware that the organization's object contain invalid
            For example, APNIC would send such a notification if notified of
            invalid information via the form at:
      4.3 Include a link in all whois output to APNIC form for reporting
           invalid contact information.
      5.  Advantages and disadvantages of the proposal
      5.1 Advantages
            - A frequent reminder and the need to actively verify will solve
              the problem of forgetting to update objects.
            - All objects will follow the latest requirements for registration
              in the APNIC Whois Database. For example if there is an mandatory
              field added within X months every object will be updated.
            - More people will use the MyAPNIC Portal.
      5.2 Disadvantages
            - No disadvantages are foreseen.
      6.  Effect on APNIC members
      Members have to update or verify their objects once every X months.
      7.  Effect on NIRs
      It would be of benefit to the whole Internet community if NIRs were to
      implement a similar service to keep their whois database up to date. But
      this would be another proposal.
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