APNIC meeting Brisbane 2000  

APNIC Open Policy Meeting

About the BOFs

Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions are an opportunity for members of the Internet community with a shared interest to meet informally and exchange ideas. Four BOF sessions have been set aside during the program. If you are interested in proposing a topic for one of these sessions, please contact us at sig@apnic.net to discuss your idea.

Date Duration Topic Presenter Documents
Wednesday 25 October 60min Exchange points James Spenceley
60min APNIC Membership Agreement Gerard Ross Background Documents:
Current APNIC Membership Agreement
Draft Standard Membership Agreement
Membership Agreement (Powerpoint)
Thursday 26 October 60min Multihoming Techniques Philip Smith Presentation:
Multihoming (PDF)
60min APNIC Certification Authority project Paul Gampe
120min Internet Self-Regulation: What You Need to Know About Internet Regulations Peng Hwa Ang /
Asia Pacific Internet Association
Friday 27 October TBA PGP Keysigning Party To attend, send PGP key to pgp@koerber.org by 24 October 10:00 EST. Information from http://www.koerber.org/APNIC2000/

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