APNIC meeting Brisbane 2000  


Chair: Akira Kato
Proposed duration: 1.5 hours

The SIG is an open forum to discuss various issues regarding IPv6 and to exchange experiences among those who are interested in IPv6. Previous meetings have included discussions on the current status of IPv6 deployment for production purposes, operational experiences and the promotion of IPv6-ready products. Anyone interested in the deployment or testing of IPv6 networks is invited to attend.

Minutes - Wednesday 25 October 2000, 16:00

Speakers and Agenda

Presenter Topic Paper / Presentation
Kazu Yamamoto KAME status report KAME status report (PDF)
Akira KatoIPv6 activities in Japan IPv6 activities in Japan 1 (PS)
IPv6 activities in Japan 2 (PS)
Son Tran APNIC IPv6 status APNIC IPv6 status (Powerpoint Slides)
Takashi AranoIPv6 activities in JPNIC IPv6 activities in JPNIC (Powerpoint Slides)
Akira Kato WIDE sTLA status WIDE sTLA status (PDF)

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