APNIC meeting Brisbane 2000  

Routing SIG

Chair: Philip Smith
Proposed Duration: 1.5 hours 

This SIG will examine some of the hot topics regarding Internet routing and stability of the Internet today. These will include Routing Registry use, Internet stability, and the state of the Internet routing table as seen in various places and times around the world and a proposal for fixing the relationship between Ipv4 address allocations and Globally visible routing announcements.

Anyone interested in these topics is encouraged to participate in this SIG. The audience will have the opportunity to discuss these and other issues which may affect the stability or future growth of the Internet.

Minutes - Thursday 26 October 2000, 09:00

Speakers and Agenda

Presenter Topic Paper / Presentation
Philip SmithRouting Reports and AP Analysis
Kuniaki KondoIRR Scalability IRR Scalability (Paper)
IRR Scalability (Powerpoint)
Cengiz Alaettinoglu IRR Replication and Authorization Model IRR Replication (PDF)
Towards Millisecond IGP ConvergenceTowards Millisecond IGP Convergence
Philip Smith Summary from RIPE routing WG - coordinated route flap dampening parameters Coordinated Route Flap Dampening Parameters (PDF)
James SpenceleyProposal for fixing the relationship between IPv4 address allocations and Globally visible routing announcements Proposal for fixing the relationship...
Geoff HustonRouting Table Analysis BGP Analysis (PDF)

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