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12th APNIC Open Policy Meeting

Open Address Supporting Organization Meeting

Friday 31 August 2001, Grand Hotel, Taipei

Meeting commenced: 09:15

Chair: Takashi Arano

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Takashi Arano

    The agenda was outlined and the conduct of the meeting was explained.

    Dr Sang Hyun Kyong was introduced. He spoke briefly of his involvement with the ICANN Board and expressed thanks for being welcomed to this Open Policy Meeting.


  3. AC update
  4. Takashi Arano

    The presenter gave an update of AC activities including new RIR criteria, and revision of RFC2050.


  5. Voting procedure
  6. Paul Wilson

    The presenter outlined the procedure for electing the new Address Council member, to fill the seat due to be vacated by Professor Wu Jianping on 1 January 2002. The term for this seat is three years.


  7. Open microphone
  8. The Chair called for comments or questions from the floor on any issues relating to the operation of the ASO.

    ASO Document series

    Concern was expressed with relation to the creation of an ASO document series. It was suggested that it would be more appropriate for common registry documents to be published through the existing RIR document series. It was argued that the ASO should only coordinate the cooperation between the RIRs rather than taking its own initiatives through a process which is currently not well defined.

    It was noted that the concept of the document series is not for the ASO to create documents. Rather, it is intended that the ASO will coordinate document creation through the RIR procedures. It was argued that the existence of the independent document series may help to ensure consistency of the policies, outside of the RFC series.

    No further discussion.

    The Chair noted consensus for the voting procedure outlined previously.


  9. Candidate speeches
  10. Candidates were invited to speak. Others were also invited to speak on behalf of the candidates not present.

    Leelakrishna Baisetti

    • Not present

    Venkateswerarao Bonka

    • Not present

    Harishankar Gupta

    • The candidate outlined his experience and his willingness to serve on the AC. He noted his experience in Internet development in India and his experience working with the APNIC community.

    Kenny S. Huang

    • The candidate gave a brief presentation outlining his views on IP address management, including the need to encourage deployment of IPv6; the need to ensure that distribution is not industry specific; and the importance of community involvement.

    Yong-Wan Ju

    • The candidate gave a brief presentation outlining his experience and involvement with APNIC and the Korean Internet community, and his intention to contribute to the development of IP address management.


    • Not present

    Philip Smith

    • The candidate expressed his thanks for those who nominated him and encouraged him to stand. He outlined his experience in ISPs and Routing, and noted his involvement in every country within Asia that has Internet connectivity. He noted the need for technical expertise rather than politics on the AC.

    Ronald Wiplinger

    • The candidate outlined his credentials as a representative of small ISPs. He noted his belief in doing things rather than waiting and pressing for faster action in promoting meshing of the net, rather than encouraging hierarchical structures to develop.

    Jianping Wu

    • The candidate was not present. Xing Li of CERNET spoke on his behalf, noting that he is a leading figure in Internet development in China. He noted the candidate's extensive involvement in IP addressing issues and his knowledge of RIR and ICANN activities.

    The Chair reminded the meeting again of the voting procedures. It was stressed that the deadline for ballots would be 11:00am.

    There were no further questions or discussions.

    Meeting closed: 09:50

    Election result

    The election result was announced later in the morning (during the APNIC Member Meeting). The successful candidate was Kenny Huang, who accepted his election.

Minuted by: Gerard Ross

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