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13th APNIC Open Policy Meeting


Tuesday 6 March, Queen Sirikit National Convention Center, Bangkok


Meeting commenced: 16:05

Chair: Philip Smith

The Chair introduced the first meeting of the IX SIG and explained the agenda.

The Director General, Paul Wilson, explained that Philip Smith had volunteered to act as interim Chair. He then introduced the candidates for the position of Chair of this SIG. The SIG appointed Philip Smith.

  1. Singapore Open Exchange (SOX)
  2. Internet Exchanges in Korea
  3. JPIX status report
  4. NPXP Indonesia
  5. NSPIXP report


  1. Singapore Open Exchange (SOX)
  2. [Presentation]

    Ng Seo Boon, SOX

    This presentation outlined the development of SOX to create a neutral public IXP. It also outlined the current work to develop an Asia Pacific IXP infrastructure. The development of SOX IPv6 was also discussed.

    Questions and discussion

    There was a question about how SOX handles liability for the IX. It was explained that this was done when members joined the IX.


  3. Internet Exchanges in Korea
  4. [Presentation]

    Young-ro Lee, Young-tae Son

    This presentation placed the history and current position of Internet Exchanges in the context of Internet use and infrastructure in Korea. It outlined the architecture of Korean IXPs.

    Questions and discussion

    There was a question about how much Korean traffic remains in Korea. It was noted that two years ago, 40 % of total traffic from Korea had destinations outside Korea. Another participant stated that he had heard that this figure had reduced to 8% in 2001.

    It was noted that it was interesting how Korean IXs were linked, in particular, a non-commercial IX linked to commercial IXs. It was suggested that the political situation between North and South Korea may have assisted in the cooperation of IXs.


  5. JPIX status report
  6. [Presentation]

    Hiroshi Kobayashi, JPIX

    This presentation outlined the history of IXs in Japan, beginning with the first IX established in 1994. It described the serviced provided by JPIX, which include IX ports, remote access and collocation services. It also outlined plans to expand JPIX into other regions of Japan as a contingency in case of a disaster in Tokyo. It also discussed the IPv6 experimental IX service and issues for the future.

    Questions and discussion

    It was established that JPIX is the largest IX in Japan in terms of traffic. It was established that, unlike the situation in Korean, JPIX is not connected to other IXs.


  7. NPXP Indonesia
  8. [Presentation]

    Marcelus Ardiwinata, ISOC-ID

    This presentation outlined the Neutral Public Exchange Point (NPXP). The IX is currently operating on IPv4 only. The presentation detailed existing IXs in Indonesia such as the Commercial Internet Exchange and the Banking Internet Exchange.

    Questions and discussion

    There was a question about ARIX. It appears that some participants at the SIG had experienced some difficulty contacting the people behind ARIX. It was suggested that working together could have a more positive outcome in working with ARIX.


  9. NSPIXP report
  10. [Presentation]

    Osamu Nakamaru, Internet Research Lab, KEIO SFC

    Unfortunately the presenter was not in attendance. The Chair asked people to refer to the meeting website for the presentation.

Meeting closed: 17:35

Minuted by: Sam Dickinson

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