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Address Council election

Friday 22 August, 9:00-9:30
AC election result

An election was held at APNIC 16 to fill the vacant Asia Pacific seat on the ASO Address Council. The result of the ballot was an equal number of votes for each candidate. On the recommendation of the Executive Council, the meeting attendees and both candidates agreed to resolve the election by coin toss. As a result, Hyun-joon Kwon was elected to the AC for a three year term.

The following candidates were nominated for the AC election:

  • Hyun-joon Kwon
  • Xiangjian Li
Voting entitlement in AC elections is as follows
  • All APNIC members are entitled to one vote. APNIC members which are not able to be present at the election may appoint a proxy to vote for them.

  • Individuals are entitled to one vote if they have been registered attendees at any of the following APNIC meetings:

    • APNIC 10 (Brisbane 2000)
    • APNIC 11 (Kuala Lumpur 2001)
    • APNIC 12 (Taipei 2001)
    • APNIC 13 (Bangkok 2002)
    • APNIC 14 (Kitakyushu 2002)
    • APNIC 15 (Taipei 2003) or
    • APNIC 16 (Seoul 2003).

APNIC staff will verify entitlement using official registration records.

Proxy voting

Only current APNIC members may appoint a proxy, using the official AC election proxy form.

Signed proxy forms must be submitted by fax to +61-7-3858-3199 or given to an APNIC staff member at the meeting site before 9:00 am UTC+10 on Wednesday 20 August 2003.


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