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Hyun-joon Kwon


Mr Hyun-joon Kwon


Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC)

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Postal address:

11F, KTF Bldg., 1321-11, Seocho-2Dong, Seocho-Gu, Seoul, Korea, 137-857

Biographical information:

  • International Affairs Team Manager, Korea Network Information Center
  • GAC Advisor (Korea) (March 2003 - present )
  • Korea Domain Name Dispute Resolution Committee, Secretariat Manager
  • University of Minnesota Law School, LLM (Juris Doctor Degree)
  • Korea University, Graduate School, Commercial Law (MA)
  • Korea University, College of Law (BA)

Hyun-Joon set up the whole process and rules of KDDRC (Korea Domain-name Dispute Resolution Committee), which has successfully dealt with more than 50 cases a year. He is also involved in the draft team of 'the Act of Internet Resources Administration', which will be enacted by the end of 2003. During Hyun-Joon's service of more than two years at KRNIC, he has been associated with works related to ICANN issues, APTLD, ITU, APRICOT, and outreach and awareness activities. Thanks to his special knowledge about ICANN, he has served as GAC advisor of Korea since March, 2003.

Motivation for nomination:

According to ICANN's reformed structure, I expect the role of ASO would be more important and active. KRNIC has been an active participant in Internet activities in AP region, has sponsored regional technical workshops and hosting Internet related meetings, and continues to maintain a particular interest in narrowing the gap of digital divide in AP region.

As such, I would be honored to be able to continue this commitment to serve the Global Internet community as a member of ASO. I would commit myself to fully reflect the needs and interests of the Asia-Pacific community in that role with my two years' extensive experiences with international affairs, legal knowledge on the Internet resources, and good relationship with other NICs.

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Name of person making the nomination:

Kwan-ho Song (President of KRNIC)


Korea Network Information Center (KRNIC)

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AC nomination


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