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Live transcript of APNIC 16

영어로 신속히 진행되는 회의를 이해하기 어려우시다면 APNIC 16에서 제공하는 실시간 속기 서비스를 이용하십시요. 속기 서비스는 영어로만 제공됩니다.

APNIC is providing live transcripts of selected sessions on Wednesday 20 August and Thursday 21 August. On Friday 22 August, the Annual Members Meeting will be available as a live script all day.

You can access the live transcript service via a web browser or via Jabber client access.

Australian Caption Centre

Web browser

The live transcript is available in web browsers via JavaScript. To view the transcript via your web browser, go to:


A new window will open and display the transcript in real time.

Jabber client

Step 1. Download a Jabber client

Make sure the client you choose supports the 'groupchat' feature. To view a list of Jabber clients for multiple platforms, see:

Step 2. Create an account on a Jabber server

A list of servers is available at:

Step 3. Connect to a groupchat

To connect, follow the instructions provided by your Jabber client.

You will need to enter the following information:

Server name: conference.apnic.net
Room: conference

After you have joined the groupchat, you will see the live transcript in the Jabber chat window.

Transcript archive

An archive of transcripts from APNIC 16 will be provided after sessions are completed.


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