APNIC 19 daily summaries

Tuesday 22 February 2005

Internet governance discussion

This session was facilitated by APDIP as part of their Open Regional Dialogue on Internet Governance (ORDIG). Panel members included Geoff Houston (APNIC), Chun Eung Hwi (PeaceNet), Naomasa Maruyama (JPNIC), James Seng(IDA), Gaurab Raj Upadhaya (Lahai.com) and Dieter Zinnbauer (UNDP-APDIP). The discussion was chaired by Izumi Aizu. About 40 people attended the discussion.

Executive Council (EC) meeting

The EC held its first face-to-face meeting for 2005 and discussed the proposals for APNIC 20. The venue for APNIC 20 in August or September this year will be announced on Friday. In addition, four members of the EC will complete their two-year term on the council in March this year. Elections for these positions will be held during the Member Meeting on Friday 25 February. For more information on how to vote, please see:

Security tutorials

A number of speakers from the Asia Pacific region were invited to present various network security-related topics of interest to the APNIC community. The tutorial slides is now available at:

APNIC 19 daily summaries

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