APNIC 19 daily summaries

Wednesday 23 February 2005

IPv6 technical SIG

Over 90 attendees attended the SIG to hear about and discuss issues such as the detailed behavior of source address selection in multi-prefix multi-service network and differences between IPv4 phone and IPv6 phones.

There were no policy proposals or new action items.


  • Election of new SIG Chair
  • The departing Chair, Maemura Akinori, introduced the new Chair, Izumi Okutani. Izumi Okutani was previously a Co-chair of the NIR SIG.

  • Discussion of per address fees for NIRs
  • A Working Group established at the APNIC 18 NIR SIG reported on their suggested solution to the large IPv6 per address fees that NIRs are currently paying. JPNIC, CNNIC, TWNIC, and CNNIC reported on their latest developments and activities.

Action nir-19-001: James Shim from KRNIC to make suggestions to APNIC to expand the ERX FAQ to include information relevant to NIR members.

Action nir-19-002: The APNIC Secretariat to post APNIC financial information related to per address fees to the NIR SIG mailing list. The NIR fees WG will then use the information to further develop a proposal for more equitable IPv6 fees for NIRs.

Routing SIG

There were 60 people attended this session. For the first time, the routing session was extended to two sessions at an APNIC meeting. There were presentations on mobile networks in the airline industry, making BGP more secure and the development and uses of the routeviews project. Randy Bush presented early results on experiments that tested the stability of anycast use on root servers.

Newcomers breakfast

The newcomers breakfast has been held at the last few APNIC meetings as a way of informally introducing the APNIC staff and the policy development process to new APNIC meeting attendees. The breakfast was held at APNIC 19, with a brief introduction to the policy proposals to be discussed at this meeting:

Proposal prop-027-v001: the second phase of large space IPv4 trial usage program for future IPv6 deployment

Proposal prop-026-v001: APNIC to publish address assignment statistics

APNIC reception

The APNIC reception was held at Mitsui Inn. Attendees enjoyed a performance by two maiko accompanied by a shamisen player. Photos of the evening will be available shortly.

APNIC 19 daily summaries

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