APNIC 19 daily summaries

Thursday 24 February 2005

Policy SIG

Approximately 70 people attended the two Policy SIG sessions. One proposal was put forward:

  • Proposal prop-027-v001: the second phase of large space IPv4 trial usage program for future IPv6 deployment

There was consensus to expand the trial and introduce certain conditions into the trial.


59 people attended the two IX sessions. There were no new action items. A lto fo Asia Pacifc IX updatesa and several interesting international reports on IX developments and tools.

Database SIG

43 people attended the Database SIG. One policy proposal was discussed:

  • Proposal prop-026-v001: APNIC to publish address assignment statistics

Consensus was reached on the proposal:

  • Action db-19-001: Following approval at each remaining step of the policy development process, the APNIC Secretariat will implement proposal prop-026-v001, APNIC to publish address assignment statistics.

DNS operations SIG

50 people attended the DNS operations SIG to hear updates on the APNIC lame delegation and ERX projects as well as discuss glue related issues in forward and reverse DNS. There were no proposals presented or new action items created.


At the closing APRICOT social event, Bali, Indonesia was announced as the venue for APRICOT 2007. APNIC congratulates the successful proponents. For more information, see the APJII APRICOT 2007 site:

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