APNIC 19 daily summaries

Friday 25 February 2005

APNIC Member Meeting

113 people attended the meeting.

EC election results

Ten nominations were received for the four vacant Executive Council positions. This is the highest number of nominations ever received in an Executive Council election. Voting closed at 2:00pm. The vote counting process was supervised by RIR colleagues and other volunteers. Around 1600 votes were received. APNIC congratulates the successful nominees:

  • Hualin Qian
  • Kuo-Wei Wu
  • Moo-Ho Billy Cheon
  • Yan Ma

Their term of office will end in March 2007.


APNIC 20 will be held in late August 2005 Hanoi, Vietnam. The meeting will be hosted by VNNIC.

APNIC 19 daily summaries

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