19th APNIC Open Policy Meeting report

APNIC 19, held in Kyoto from 21 February to 25 February 2005 in conjunction with APRICOT 2005, was a successful meeting. A total of around 800 delegates attended APRICOT 2005, and many APNIC members were able to take advantage of the wide choice of sessions available.

The APNIC Annual Member Meeting (AMM) on 25 February 2005 was also well attended, with 113 (including APNIC staff) delegates representing 19 economies and 33 APNIC member organisations. Delegates from the other RIRs (ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE NCC) were also present.


  1. Executive Council election
  2. Policy decisions
  3. Annual report
  4. Apster - issue 13
  5. Meeting sponsors
  6. Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 20
  1. Executive Council election

  2. An official announcement was made at the APNIC 19 in Kyoto on Friday 25 February 2005 regarding the four vacancies on the APNIC Executive Council (EC). There were ten candidates for the positions. The successful candidates were:

    [alphabetical order]

    • Hualin Qian
    • Kuo-Wei Wu
    • Moo-Ho Billy Cheon
    • Yan Ma

    Details of the nominations received for the EC positions are available at:

    APNIC 19 EC election


  3. Policy decisions

  4. Presentations, proposals, webcast video, and stenography transcripts, and daily summaries from the meeting are available at:

    The meeting minutes will be available shortly on the APNIC website. A summary of the main Open Policy Meeting decisions is provided below. All the consensus proposals below were approved at the APNIC Member Meeting.

    Policy SIG

    • Proposal prop-027-v001: the second phase of large space IPv4 trial usage program for future IPv6 deployment

      • There was consensus on the proposal to start the second phase of the on-going trial program operated by IPv6 Promotion Council of Japan for future IPv6 deployment by utilising historically allocated IPv4 space.

    Database SIG

    • Proposal prop-026-v001: APNIC to publish address assignment statistics
      • There was consensus on the proposal for APNIC to collect and publish the number of assignments registered in APNIC Whois Database. Details of the implementation still to be discussed.

    These policy proposals will now be circulated on the appropriate SIG mailing list. The full list of current proposals is available at:


  5. Annual report

  6. APNIC's Annual Report, presented at the Annual Member Meeting, details the activities of APNIC and the Secretariat during 2004. The Annual Report will be mailed to APNIC members and friends shortly. It can also be accessed online at:


  7. Apster - issue 13

  8. Apster is a print and online newsletter for the APNIC community. The thirteenth issue of Apster was released at APNIC 19. This issue features articles on Internet governance, DNSSEC, the next round of Pan Asia grants, and status reports on the implementation of APNIC projects such as the cleanup of lame DNS delegations. Apster is available online at:


  9. Meeting sponsors

  10. APNIC wishes to thank all those organisations that supported APNIC 19 as sponsors. Their valuable contributions allowed APNIC to offer a meeting program of a very high standard. All the sponsors are listed at:

    If you are interested in being a sponsor for a future APNIC meeting, please contact meetings@apnic.net.


  11. Next APNIC meeting - APNIC 20

  12. All APNIC members and friends are invited to attend APNIC 20, which will be held in Hanoi in late August 2005. Further details of APNIC 20 will be available shortly at:

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