Training and education BoF

7 September 2006, 18:00 - 19:00

APNIC views training and education as an important and fundamental service that we provide to our member community.Training is essential to help develop the knowledge and skills required to effectively utilise and manage Internet resources, understand Internet Technologies and to adopt best practices in Internet operational procedures.

Getting your feedback, suggestions and concerns will help us plan our future directions and priorities to best achieve this and to best match your needs.

We will discuss our current activities and objectives, and describe some initiatives we are planning:

  • Expanding APNIC's range of training and education.
  • Providing for a 'blended' delivery environment to make our training more accessible, relevant and effective. Strategies include extending our eLearning framework, producing more webcasts, widening the range and nature of our learning material, adaptively structuring our training modules, and exploring other methodologies.
  • Fostering collaboration with educational and professional organizations.
  • Creating partnerships with members and associated groups.

You are invited to attend this bof and help us with your valuable input.

For any questions or for further information please contact: Cecil Goldstein, Training Manager