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Internet operation basics

When: Monday 3rd September
Who: Presented by Champika Wijayatunga and Amante Alvaran

This tutorial will present an outline of the core Internet technologies and functions, through a discussion of the phases and requirements involved in establishing an ISP. The tutorial aims to provide a consolidated overview of Internet operations, and is a pathway to more advanced and specialised topics presented in other tutorials.

Topics include:

  • The concept of the Internet and TCP/IP
  • Design considerations for your ISP network
  • Address management policies and the role of the Internet registries
  • Routing in the global Internet
  • Peering, transit and Internet Exchanges (IXs)
  • DNS operation and the role of root servers
  • Basic security
  • The future: IPv6

This tutorial is aimed at people who are new to Internet operations or are interested in a broad general overview.