After the very successful Member Meeting in Seoul on 3 March 2000, APNIC is now making plans for a second meeting during 2000, to be held in September or October.

The meeting will follow a "conference" format over 3 days, with parallel tracks covering technical and policy aspects of Internet resource management and related topics. It will also provide the venue for election of Address Council members for the Asia-Pacific region. Attendance is likely to be 60-120 delegates in total.

This is a final Call For Proposals for a date and venue for the meeting. By making this call, APNIC hopes to identify a meeting opportunity which minimises cost to members in time and travel expense and which takes advantage of local sponsorship and support where available.

Proposals may be submitted by APNIC Member organisations, or by any organisation with an interest in supporting APNIC activities. It should be noted that provision of financial support by the proponent is not a necessary part of any proposal.

Criteria for selection of a meeting date and venue will include:

  • Accessibility to APNIC members located throughout the AP region
  • Co-location of the meeting with significant Internet-related event
  • Availability of local logistical support for organising the meeting
  • Degree of sponsorship support able to be arranged by the meeting host

The final date and location of this Meeting will be decided by the APNIC Executive Council, in early April 2000. In order that they can be properly considered, proposals are requested by no later than 31 March 2000, by email to <secretariat@apnic.net>.

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