APNIC Member Meeting Seoul, Korea, 3 March 2000


The following presentations were given during the APNIC Member Meeting held in Seoul, Korea on 3 March 2000.

Currently, these presentations are in PowerPoint format. HTML versions will be added progressively as they are processed.

AMM.ppt general running order of the AMM
AnnualReport.ppt overview of APNIC's Annual Report for 1999
ASO.ppt overview of the appointments to the Address Council of the ICANN ASO
Budget.ppt overview of APNIC's budget for 2000
EC.ppt report of the APNIC Executive Council
Election.ppt overview of voting issues
FeeStructure.ppt proposal to change APNIC fee structure (including IPv6 fees for confederations)
FinancialReport.ppt overview of APNIC's financial report for 1999
MemberAgree.ppt overview of new draft membership agreement
Workplan.ppt APNIC's proposed workplan for 2000

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