APNIC Annual Member Meeting 2000

Special Interest Groups

During APRICOT 2000 APNIC hosted a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The SIGs were designed to provide an open public forum to discuss topics of interest to APNIC and the Internet community in the Asia Pacific region.

The SIG topics were:

APNIC Address Policy SIG

Thursday 2 March 11:00-12:30, 14:00-15:30

Chair: Takashi Arano

This session will examine current issues in the management of address space in the Asia Pacific region.



IP allocation issues for large scale permanent connection consumer networks, such as CATV, ADSL and Wireless Internet access

Yoshihiro Obata

Proposal for simple assignment procedure of length /29 or longer prefix

Yoshiyuki Ezura

Handling of personal information on the APNIC Database

Akinori Maemura

A proposal for registry evaluation principles

Ruri Hiromi

Implementation of allocations from Network 61

Shamsul Hamzah

Implementation of Internet resource leasing policy

Paul Wilson

Should APNIC lower the size of the minimum practical allocation from a /19 to a /20?

Anne Lord

Under what circumstances should APNIC make provider independent assignments?

Son Tran

The future of ISP confederations

Anne Lord

Should it be mandatory to use name-based web hosting where technically feasible?

Fabrina Hossain

Re-claiming (historically assigned) not-routed address space

James Spenceley


Routing SIG

Wednesday 1 March 11:00-12:30

Chair: Philip Smith

This special interest group will investigate some of the hot topics regarding Internet routing today. These will include Routing Registry use, Internet stability, the size of Internet routing table, etc. Also, we will explore whether any of this really matters today, and what the major issues might really be.



RPSL in Operation

Mark Prior

The problem with BGP convergence

Abha Ahuja

Routing reports and AP analysis

Philip Smith

The RIPE-NCC Routing Information Service

Ripe NCC

IRR scalability

Kuniaki Kondo

ARIN Traffic Measurement Group

Richard Jimmerson



Thursday 2 March 16:00-17:50

Chair: Mathias Koerber

APNIC has recently introduced new and improved procedures for requesting in-addr.arpa delegations based on the use of the domain object in the APNIC database. In addition, an overview of DNSSec will be given, with particular attention paid to reverse DNS.



APNIC reverse DNS in operation

Bruce Campbell

DNSSec update

Mathias Koerber


APNIC PGP and the RIPE database SIG

Wednesday 1 March 16:00-17:30

Chair: Joao Damas

Authentication and authorisation of address space registrations is fundamental to the operation of the Internet. This SIG session will take a look at security in the context of the APNIC database. In particular the use of PGP by the RIPE NCC is examined, together with issues of key management. An update on APNICs certification authority project will also be presented and finally an overview of cryptography software regulatations and availability in the AP region.



Authorisation (PGP) and the RIPE database

Joao Damas

PGP Key Management

Bruce Campbell

Update of the certification authority project

Paul Wilson

Overview of cryptography software regulatations and availability in the AP region.

Joao Damas



Wednesday 1 March 14:00-15:30

Chair: Akira Kato

This special interest group will look at a number of practical issues surrounding the development and deployment of IPv6.



IPv6 protocol update

Steve Deering

IPv6 implementations/projects

Kazu Yamamoto

Status of IPv6 allocations

Fabrina Hossain

IPv6 activities in China

Xing Li

IPv6 activities in WIDE

Akira Kato

Call for comments - IPv6 Allocation and Assignment policy document

APNIC / audience


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