APNIC Member Meeting Seoul, Korea, 3 March 2000

Voting results and consensus decisions

The following decisions were made during the APNIC Member Meeting held in Seoul, Korea on 3 March 2000:

EC Election Results

Three EC positions were open for re-election at this meeting, and the following were elected:

  • Takashi Arano
  • Che-Hoo Cheng (re-elected)
  • Geoff Huston (re-elected)

With this election, we say goodbye to Toru Takahashi, who has served on the APNIC EC for 4 years, first as Chair and then as Treasurer.The first EC meeting will be held by telephone conference during March 2000. Office holders will be appointed at this meeting.

Membership/Fee Structure

The new APNIC Membership/Fee Structure was put to a formal vote at this meeting, and approved with amendments. The effect of the decision is to determine APNIC members' minimum membership category by the amount of IP address space held. For details, please refer to the original proposal and the amendments made at the AMM.

IPv6 Fees for Confederations

The proposed IPv6 Fee Structure for Confederations was also put to a formal vote at this meeting, and approved, also with amendments.

The effect of this decision is to charge a "per SLA" fee for all allocations to confederation members. For details, please refer to the original proposal and the amendments made at the AMM.


Other Policy Changes by Consensus

During the APRICOT conference, APNIC held a series of open Special Interest Group (SIG) sessions, including an Open Address policy meeting. At that meeting, presentations were made on a number of policy items, and several of these issues were approved by consensus.

/20 Minimum Allocation

It was agreed that APNIC would lower its minimum allocation from /19 to /20. This is to be done by making an announcement to the global community and setting a further 3-month period before the change is implemented.

Allocations from Class-A address space (61/8)

It was agreed that APNIC would start making routine address allocations from its 61/8 address block. Again, APNIC will announce this change and set a 3-month implementation period.

Confederation Memberships

It was agreed that formation of new confederation memberships should continue to be suspended until remaining policy issues are resolved.

Name-based Web Hosting

It was agreed that while APNIC should not make name-based hosting a mandatory criterion for address allocations to Web hosting providers, it should continue to strongly discourage IP-based hosting.

Further announcements will be made to the website and the appropriate mailing lists as these decisions are implemented.

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