[sig-dns] DNS discussion

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  • From: Edward Lewis <Ed.Lewis at neustar dot biz>
  • Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2007 11:15:31 -0500
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    • At the last APNIC meeting I was elected/appointed as the new chair for this SIG. The SIG hasn't had a lot of email traffic recently but we do seem to manage to fill up our in-person agendas quite well.
      One of the things I would like to do is stir up some activity on this mailing list. There are a lot of lists active on the topic of DNS and I think that there is much to discuss.
      To start I want to present the charter for the group. The text of it is short, here it is:
      "The charter of the DNS operations SIG is to examine developments in policies and procedures for reverse DNS operations in the Asia Pacific region. It will include topics such as reverse delegations for IPv6 networks, dynamic updates, secure DNS, current DNS software versions, and legacy transfers from other databases."
      One question I would like feedback on is whether we want to discuss ENUM as part of this. ENUM is a reverse mapping of telephone numbers. There is a public ENUM tree starting at e164.arpa., this is managed by the RIPE NCC.
      As the new chair I am eager to get to know the participants. I have no view now into the subscriber list (but I think that I can get that), but a list doesn't tell me too much about the people on it. I know it may be embarrassing to introduce your self to the list, but I would appreciate any introduction you might want to give me in private email. What I am seeking are the interesting issues folks feel should be discussed.
      In the future, I feel it is my job to help start conversation and discussion. What I will do is send periodic reports of DNS discussions I come across while attending various meetings and from various lists I read. Perhaps this will just be informative, but one thing we should be looking for, as per the charter, is any effect the activity has on policies for APNIC.
      Thanks for your time and interest, I hope to hear from folks!
      Edward Lewis                                                +1-571-434-5468
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