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Mr. Takashi Arano



Mr. Takashi Arano


Intec Netcore, Inc



Postal Address

1-3-3 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0075 JAPAN

Biographical information

Takashi Arano received a Master of Science from the University of Tokyo. Since 1996, he had been leading NTT's Internet department as a chief engineer. He designed an initial network of OCN, which is now one of the largest Internet providers in Japan. He was also involved in a wide range of strategic planning projects from peering to M&A. In the last five years, he has contributed to the Internet society in various ways by taking positions listed below to name a few.

1999- Vice Chair of ICANN ASO Address Council
2000- Chair of APNIC Address policy SIG
1999-2000 Chair of Y2KCC/JP, a project of Internet Association of Japan
1999-- Vice Chair of JPNIC Policy Advisory Council
1997-- JANOG Committee / Meeting chairs

Regarding IPv6, he is serving as a Board member of The IPv6 Forum (2001-), Chair of IPv6 Deployment Committee of Internet Association Japan, Chair of Steering Group of Global IPv6 Summit in Japan (2000-), Editor-in-Chief of the IPv6 Journal, RIIS (2001-) and so forth.

Recently, he proposed a new IPv6 address allocation and assignment policy to the Regional Internet Registries which has replaced the current provisional policy. One of his current interests is in practical deployment and operations of IPv6; and he has formed IPv6 Operation Study Group in Japan and has studied a wide range of operational issues varying from IPv6 routing, IPv6 enterprise network etc.

Motivation for nomination

Mr. Arano is the man who has made one of the largest contributions to the Internet Community. His contribution is not only restricted within Japan nor within Asia Pacific Region, but throughout the world.

He has been actively making his effort to coordinate Internet Operations as the Chair of Address policy SIG at APNIC meetings and as the Vice-Chair of Address Council at ICANN ASO. Moreover the recent released globally coordinated interim policy for IPv6 address allocations could not have been achieved without his effort for coordination at all RIRs.

I, on behalf of JPNIC as well as all Japanese Internet Community, am more than confident that he is the man to be re-elected for Address Council which is being challenged with ICANN Reform and Evolution.

Nominated by

Name of nominating individual

Jun Murai


Japan Network Information Center



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